Note: it is popular to write her name as "Yue Jian" as this causes the 3 sisters names to reference the letters "XYZ" (Xi Yan, Yue Jian and Zhao Yan)

Nan Gong Yue Jian (南宫月见, Nángōng Yuèjiàn), usually referred to as just Yue Jian (月见, yuè jiàn) is the youngest of the three cloned sisters. Though the story covers all 3 sisters, Yue Jian acts as the main protagonist of the first part of the story. It follows her journey, as she is thrown both into the world unexpectedly, and into the hands of fate and follows her raise to maturity.


Yue Jian is a very beautiful young lady like her two sisters. Her eyes are of a beautiful azure colour like that of her sisters. Her appearance is similar to that of the donor of her genes. She can be differentiated from her sisters through her hairstyle: she wears it either loose, leaving normally two thin braids hanging on each side, or sometimes she makes the two braid into one at her nape. She often puts on a head band in addition. After the events of Forbidden Sphere, she is seen with entirely loose hair, without braids.

From the age of 9, until 16, she wore a bandage over the right side of her face. This was owed to scarring left by burn marks. During her 16th year, she abandons it eventually after her face heals.

When the power of the Mei Yue Yin is active, a flower appears on her.

Min Xing Yan gave her a bracelet with a primrose on it for looking after Xiao Black. She wears this on her left arm in a majority of the storyline then on.

Though they have identical DNA to Isis and each other, there is some differences between the 4 of them. Yue Jian note that the girl they saw in the Ice Coffin, who was suppose to look like Isis was her sister Xi Yan. This, despite the fact the 3 sisters are genetically indifferent and identical to each other. The are, however, alike enough so that others cannot tell them apart.


She is innocent and childish, due to her foolishness she is also clumsy. She isn't particularly bright compared to her sisters. She is very caring towards others. Her father concluded much of the way she was was likely a result of the malfunction of the cloning process.

Through the events after the fall of Sheng Pei Ren Academy, she is thrust into a destiny which causes her to mature over time. She at first takes things harshly and considers herself "useless". As the Mei Yue Yin kicks in, though her skills improve her lack of worldly experience holds her back. Throughout the story, one major element about her remains; that she is not very good at reading people and finds connecting to people difficult. She is kind to less fortunate individuals.

After the events of the Forbidden Sphere, she is left one again in a position of helplessness and her deepest fears manifest into reality. She is left waiting for either her two sisters or Ge Chen to rescue her and can do nothing to save herself. During this she is less in a hopeless state, her actions are often made out of despair as she tries what little she can to change things.

Despite all things, she resists Set for a long time. Isis concludes that she is the gentlest of the 3 sisters, but also the most stubborn. This leaves Isis to wonder where she got these traits from.

After falling victim to Isis' word, she starts drinking blood and is send on a killing spree. She realizes how useless she was even when she thought that she was becoming stronger in the past. She is conflicted about what is she doing and considers as she killing herself step by step. Though she is willing to be ruthless is she can put less burden on her sisters.

Eventually she is able to find a way to talk about this to Ge Chen. He notes that her reluctance to take life was owed to her value upon life after she was nearly killed at 9 years old. This is not a good or bad as it makes her who she is. She learns through him to put the strength to use and work to protect the families those she killed left behind. She is made to understand that sooner or later she would have fell to Set, but notes she has the ability to put the power she is gaining to her own use and the fact she questioned her situation meant she was learning to reflect on her past mistakes, making her true self able to break through once more.


Professor Nan Gong

Though their father loved all 3 of his daughters, Yue Jian was his favourite due to her innocence. He tried to do the best for her after she received her injuries at 9 years old, and even punished her sister for her wickedness towards her.

Her sisters

She loves her sisters and wished to never be parted from them. Yet after Xi Yan's betrayal she is mostly left alone. This leads to seeking ways to become stronger in order to be able to free them, and avenge their father. She is willing to do whatever she has to to for this - even bearing huge amount of pain and torture - and to not put any more burden on Xi Yan and Zhao Yan, as she thinks the one who can did and achieved the least even when she thought that she was getting stronger.

Zhao Yan

Her relationship with her elder sister was always the warmer. When Xi Yan lashed out against her she always stood up for Yue Jian. And after her injury she tended to help her to get her wishes, was gentle with her, helped her a lot, and kept her company. She even gave the Keys of the Forbidden Sphere into her keeping, showing how much trust she had in her. When they reunite, Zhao Yan tells her that she wants to work hard with her, to achieve the rolls they were meant to play. She is really heartbroken, when her sister is taken again from her by the Sabbat. Later, she finds her again in the basement of the Sabbat. Zhao Yan agrees to help her as she is her precious sister, whom she would support without restrains. Yue Jian is forced to watch as she is humilated by Fan Le Lao. She cries, as she looks at her, but Zhao Yan smiles, trying to reassure her.

Xi Yan

Her second sister was rather hostile against her, probably a part of her foolishness played a role in that. After learning that Yue Jian's existence is a "mistake", Xi Yan almost got her killed and managed to ruin her face in order for her not to be able to get Mei Yue Yin. After leaving to the Academy Xi Yan rubbed her success and fortune under her nose, ignored and even verbally abused her. Later she also betrayed her.

The next time they meet Xi Yan was already tortured by Yi Sai and become spiritless. Yue Jian was really surprised and worried that the willful and competitive Xi Yan has disappeared and helped her through her depression, giving her hope and enough strength to oppose Yi Sai and betray the Sabbat. She also trusted her with the mission of freeing Zhao Yan which was achieved successfully by Xi Yan.

Ge Chen

The prince of the Ventrue Clan was rather cold toward her at the beginning. She was unaware of his true identity for a long time, though he knew about her. Later they made an agreement - he can drink her blood if he helps her become stronger. Ge Chen becomes for her a strange cross between a comrade, a teacher and a mentor. Their relationship is quite harmonious - Ge Chen helps her, teaches her and protect her, and often relies on her emptional support, and Yue Jian is not suppressed by him. Though he is not above of lashing out at her in anger and even shown something close to jealousy when Min Xing Yan is brought up. He tries to protect her, but fails, and she ends up in the hands of Set. But later, when she needs help he vows to her that he will never ignore her, and promises her to meet with her soon, which makes it clear of their feelings and reliance on eachother He helped her through her emotional breakdown, and helped her to sort out her own feelings, altogether making her stronger and helping her gain foothold against Isis and Set.

The Camarilla


Ge Chen and Yue Jian, the first bite that snared him

She is considerate towards Vampires within the Camarilla, despite them all being Vampires in the first place.She forms a friendship with Lilla, who at first merely saw her as a rival for Ge Chen's attention. She is also seems to be close with Fraser and Ai Na. Both Tukata and Clain expressed worry for her.

Min Xing Yan

Aside from Ge Chen, the only other person she was close to was Min Xing Yan. They shared a deep friendship connected by events at school, such as their joint care of the cat Xiao Black. He was the first person to ever give her a gift as a friend. Their closeness made many at school believe they were dating, even though it is clear she herself never thought of them as a couple. When he disappears, she is left devastated and alone. When she learns that he was the human side of Set she refuses to believe that he is gone and is firm on getting him back.

Set & Isis

When she first meets with Set she attacks him and demands back Min Xing Yan. She refuses to yield to him and the same is true for Isis, whose genes were used to create her and her sisters. She is unable to assimilate with their beliefs and their view on life and bitterly resists them until Isis threathens her with Zhao Yan. She gives in, and uses the opportunity as raising her power and capabilities.

The Sabbat

When she went into the Sabbat she got into close contact with both Yi Sai and Fan Le Lao. She saw Fan Le Lao abusing her sister, Zhao Yan, and earlier she vowed to break her free with her own hands, which means that she wanted to be powerful enough to defeat Fan Le Lao, but other than that she expressed nothing toward him. On the other hand, she has quite much hatred and anger toward Yi Sai, who tortured her other sister, Xi Yan, and she knows everything about what he is doing to her, as she has pretended to be Xi Yan for weeks. She also saw how dejected and spiritless Xi Yan has become. She says that she will never forgive Yi Sai for what he has done with her.


When she was at school, she was considered by her classmates a "Country Bumpkin" for being mostly home schooled and lacking experience of the world outside her upbringing. She was also teased about her bondage and though eventually gains friends after advice, was picked on by several classmates during her time as Kai Lun Academy. Wu Sha was especially hard on her.


She starts as the weakest of the 3. She got no martial training, had no knowledge about fighting against vampires. She also lacks in intellectual abilites. Later she gets to make up for her lackings. Due to her home schooling she becomes a good cook and is seen presenting a homemade cake for Min Xing Yan. The consequences of her home schooling, however, is that she does not have the same level of education her sisters have. Despite all things considered, Isis labels her as the "weakest" of the 3 sisters, which is why she was chosen by her.

Mei Yue Yin

As she has Mei Yue Yin inside her. This prevents her becoming a Vampire if she is bitten, while granting Vampires enhanced powers. Those who have bitten her find her blood particularly tasty but will continue to crave her blood from time to time. The Mei Yue Yin also charms Vampires and makes them attracted to her in general. Over the course of her life, after the loss of her father, her face heals owed to its powers and she begins to gain more intelligence and strength. Later it is revealed by Set that through Mei Yue Yin she can also become immensely strong, if she drinks vampire blood. When she does that, she hernotes that she feels her strength rising. After Set's training her fighting capabilites are greatly strengthened, along with her power and self-healing abilities. She is way faster and stronger than she was in the past.



Yue Jian throwing one of her daggers

One of the most notable issues with her as a fighter is her lack of fighting experience and she is one of the more inexperience fighters in the series. She receives training from the Human Hunter Organisation and via her short time learns a fair bit about fighting Vampires. Though she sadly does not receive the same length of time training and her skills were not honed to perfection, it was enough to let her fight with firearms. She was never matched to a weapon by the organisation and her training was never completed. When she joins the Camarilla, she is given a set of Flying Daggers called Sui Xi Bing Lin, which she notes she feels comfortable with. After some time she easily wields them and fusing the power of Mei Yue Yin into them she becomes quite good with them. After the training Set dragged her through she easily defeats monsters, wielding the swordlike daggers with much force and aiming them precisely.


In order for her to store her daggers, Ge Chen teaches her a simple spell known as "Invisible space", which allows her to store them safety and call upon them so long as she is not exhausted. He also teaches her how to fly and how to dive under water without drowning. During her time pretending to be Xi Yan, he also endures Yi Sai's brutal training intended for her sister Xi Yan and learns some of the Tzimisce Clan spells in the process, such as the fire and ice spells.




Yue Jian's unexpected arrival

Yue Jian was a mistake caused by a malfunction in the cloning process, which produced one more clone then was required. As a result, instead of twins there was triplets. Growing up she displayed a distinct personality separate from her sisters and possibly owed to her being a error she did not act the same way they did.

Growing up, the 3 were rarely apart. One night they sat on the roof and wathed falling stars and each made a wish. Zhao Yan wished for her family to be safe, Xi Yan wished to be prettier while growing up to marry a rich man. When Yue Jian is asked hat she wished for, she said she would wish for food, but figured that would be a waste. She wishes she could be with her sisters forever.[1]

The Mei Yue Yin selection

Sisters Xi Yan, Yue Jian and Zhao Yan Nan Gong

"A blessing and a curse..."

At 9 years old, things began to change.

After seeing a merry-go-round on TV, she wished to ride one. Zhao Yan sttes she will ask their father when he get back if he would take them to a ride. Xi Yan berates her sister's desire as childish, causing Zhao Yan to defend it and question if her younger sister wanted to remained home schooled for the rest of her life.[2]

A man visited her father. The 3 girls spied on the pair and found out two of them would be injected with Mei Yue Yin and then attend a school called 'Sheng Pei Ren' academy to become noble young women.


Yue Jian burns

While her sisters were distracted by the events, Yue Jian wasn't bothered at all and was more concerned that her sisters were distracted by this. When their father went out for a while and the 3 were left to clean, Yue Jian went to find some cleaning products. the walkway beneath her collapsed, dropping her into hot liquid.[3] One of the house robots saved her life, but she was horribly burnt and disfigured. Unknown to everyone at the time, the screws of the walkway had been removed by Xi Yan, who believed that since Yue Jian was a fault of the cloning process shouldn't have to compete with her and Zhao Yan for the selection.

Unable to be ready in time, Zhao Yan and Xi Yan were selected. They were given the Mei Yue Yin, though unknown to anyone at the time Xi Yan was given a fake Mei Yue Yin. Yue Jian was instead given her dosage.[4]

Before they left, Zhao Yan took care of Yue Jian every day. The day before the two sisters were due to leave, Yue Jian was taken to a Merry-Go-Round. They arrive just before the park closes, so few people are around. Because of her injuries, Zhao Yan holds Yue Jian steady while their sister Xi Yan sits on the ride next to them. In her blind state Yue Jian is left with the memory of feeling like she is flying.[2]

The Fall of Sheng Pei Ren academy

Over the course of the next few years the girls returned to visit their father and Yue Jian. During this time Xi Yan teased Yue Jian often about what she was missing out.[5]

During their net visit home, Zhao Yan decides to sleep with Yue Jian. Later that night she passes her the Keys of the Forbidden Sphere and tells her to keep them a secret.[6]

Some days later, the security alarm started ringing causing him to be panicked. He ordered Yue Jian to pack urgent and necessary things and follow him. He then got themselves in a car and drove out of the house while the zombies attacked them. All of a sudden, a zombie caught Yue Jian through the broken window. In order to shake it off, Nam Gong took the car off a cliff. As the car crashed down the cliff and landed in a forest, an injured Yue Jian found professor Nan Gong crushed under the car.

At his final moments, he told her to run away. As she refused, he revealed to her the truth about deceiving Xi Yan over injecting her with the Mei Yue Yin. He also revealed that the medication he has been giving her is actually suppressant which suppressed the effects of Mei Yue Yin, and since Yue Jian will no longer take the medicine, the Mei Yue Yin will take effect and heal her i juries and burns completely. He also warned her that the effects of Mei Yue Yin allures the demons and told her that she must not allow herself to be captured by them.

After that, he drew his last breath and passed away, leaving his daughter in tears.[4]

Life at Kai Lun academy

With the fall of the Guang Zhi Yi faction at Sheng Pei Ren academy,the HQ of the Human Hunter Organisation begins to withdraw from many areas as a response to the attacks. The man who gave her DNA to her father appears and enlists her at Kai Sa City along with his two students Ling Xue Xiao and Lin Xuan Chi, warning them there was a traitor in the organisation. Since the school is in Camarilla territory, it is somewhat safer then most other locations as the Sabbat have no ground there. The three were inducted under disguise as there are suspect hidden Sabbat members there.[7]


Alone Yue Jian cries over the loss of her family

After being shown to her room by Xiao Ai,she meets two other students from her dorm Zhen Mi and Li Tao who occupy the rooms either side of hers. Wu Sha ends up embarrassing her when her introduction to the rest of the class ends with her humiliation and nobody in the class wanting to sit next to her. She ends up being placed in the seat next to an ugly male student who sleeps through most of the day.[8]

A few days later, a student is killed by a vampire. Suspecting the ugly boy behind the attacks, having seen hi covered in blood near the area,[9] she follows him. 3 male students from her class approach and begin to harass her, after they caught her acting suspicious. Ge Chen catches the group of male students, confronting them as they try and pull off her bandage, suspecting her to be the vampire who killed the student. They leave each with a bump on their head. Ge Chen warns her to be more careful in future. She finds out the ugly boy has left a cat in the care of a Pet Hospital.[10]

A week later she is entrusted with the care of the cat dubbed "Xiao Black". She sneaks the cat into the dorms. later she finds out the ugly boy is called Min Xing Yan.[11] Wu Sha spies her sneaking a box into her room and attempts to force a room inspection by accusing Yue Jian of hiding secrets and possibly being the Vampire who struck earlier. Yue Jian panics because of Xiao Black being in her room, if found she would be expelled. The voting fails when 4 of the 6 girls vote for keeping Yue Jian's privacy, with 3 of them swayed by Zhen Mi alone.[12]

After Wu Sha's room inspection threat, several of the girls agree to meet up after dark and stick in a group. When An Chou fails to turn up, Yue Jian finds her dead, having been another victim of the school Vampire. When the police gather up An Chou's classmates, Wu Sha takes a chance to once again get Yue Jian in trouble by putting her name forward as a suspect vampire. This time Ge Chen supports for Yue Jian, despite her suspecting him of being the Vampire.[13] She later asks Min Xing Yan on a tet she received in regards to the death of An Chou, but he confirms his phone was stolen, the tet had been sent by whomever had found his phone not him.

After school Ling Xue Xiao and Lin Xuan Chi catch up with her. Because of the recent events, the duo now must patrol the school secretly looking for the Vampire. Back at her dorm, Yue Jian sends a text asking who the person was that sent her the first. She receives one soon after asking her to met them in an an abandoned building on the east side of the stadium, another tells her to go alone. Inside the building, Zhen Mi finally reveals herself as the Vampire who had been killing recently. As she attacks, Li Tao shows revealing she is a member of the Vampire Hunter Organisation.[14] When Zhen Mi goes to strike Li Tao for protecting Yue Jian, the Mei Yue Yin activates and Zhen Mi is stopped. Ling Xue Xiao and Lin Xuan Chi show up and finish Zhen Mi off.

Later Li Tao reassures her that Zhen Mi was not always like that. She also reveals that she was most like a 'Sacrificial Lamb' and would have been fed to the Demon King. After the others reveal she has the Mei Yue Yin inside her. Yue Jian asks if she can go with the trio in future. Back in her dorm, Yue Jian discovers her face has now healing. She decides to continue to wear bandages to stop people freaking out about her face.[15]

The next day, the boys who attacked Yue Jian attack Min Xing Yan, she interferes and pushes them away freaking the trio out. He gives her a primrose bracelet he made himself as a thank you for looking after Xiao Black.[16]

She begins training with Ling Xue Xiao and Lin Xuan Chi on how to use firearms. Bak at her dorm, Xiao Black accidentally knocked over the case containing the seals revealing they contained keys on chains. She decides the best place to keep them is on herself and puts them around her neck. In class, the tutor reveals the Kai Lun academy summer ball is due soon. She returns to her room to find it ransacked and Xiao Black gone. She noticed the box the seals were in are absent also. Upset that Xiao Black jumped out of the window and ran away, she goes looking for him but comes up empty handed. Min Xing Yan ensures her it is fine as he was a wild cat to begin with.[17]


A beautiful memory...

At the Summer Ball, Wu Sha and her friends push her into the water during a prank after noticing her in her school uniform instead of a gown. Ge Chen finds her wondering around outside and gives her a dress to wear secretly. She takes off her bandage. Outside she finds a quiet area where Min Xing Yan is. She asks him if its fine to be out at night, he says its fine but he can't be out past midnight. The pair then dance. During the dance he asks her to fulfill one desire; to remember the kind boy that was Min Xing Yan. She agrees.[18]

The next day she awakes inside Ge Chen's mansion, having been found outside. She returns to where her and Min Xing Yan were dancing to find it being repaired. He does not show up at school either.[19]

A few days past, she hears her classmates state he was submitted into Hu Kang Hospital after jumping to his death. At the hospital she finds he was indeed admitted but transferred to yet another hospital.[20]

The End of the Human Hunter Organisation

When Li Tao finds her faction slaughtered she attempts to lead the 4 remaining Hunters to her factions secret HQ. On the way there, Li Tao separates from the group, suspecting they are being followed. When takes too long to return, Yue Jian searches and finds she has been killed.[21]


In midst of uncertainty a happy reunion occurs

Suspecting the traitor in the organisation is Yue Jian, Ling Xue Xiao attempts to kill her only for Lin Xuan Chi to kill her before she can kill Yue Jian. He hands her the seals claiming he found them in her room. At that moment, they hear someone at the door, to Yue Jian's relief it is her sister Zhao Yan.[22]

As the pair falls asleep later, Fan Le Lao takes over Zhao Yan's mind and has her steal the seals from Yue Jian. As she is about to hand them to Fan Le Lao, much to Yue Jian's alarm, Ge Chen appears and snatches them out of her hand. Lin Xuan Chi then takes Yue Jian hostage, revealing the real traitor in the Human Hunter Organisation had been himself all along.[23]

She manages to free herself from him and Ge Chen teleports the pair away.[24] Ge hen then reveals information about the seals, Lin Xuan Chi, the Demon King Set and Fan Le Lao.[25] The Sabbat then show up, haing used The Cup of Blood to follow Ge Chen. He fights while she hides. Fan Le Lao traps him in vines of thorns, to which Yue Jian runs to his aid, her powers activate and she breaks the vines. Ge Chen teleports them away again.

One safe, she notes the pair are now both injured. He explains to her he is a vampire, the son of the Ventrue Clan leader. His powers are currently sealed to allow him to attend Kai Lun academy, but she can unseal them with her blood. [26] With his powers unlocked by biting Yue Jian, he now fights the Sabbat, while Yue Jian watches from afar. When Yi Sai ceases an opportunity to strike him, she puts herself in harms way and is struck instead. Ge Chen is forced to retreat with her; this time the Sabbat cannot follow and let the pair go.[27]

The Camarilla

when she awakes, he finds herself staring at Lilla of the Gangrel Clan, which frightens her. Ge Chen enters with Fraser of the Tremere Clan, Fraser and Lilla soon end up in a fight with their respective clans Sacred Weapon Poison Bottle and The Staff. As they take their battle outside, Ge Chen tells her to ignore them as their idiots. When she tries to move, her injury from Yi Sai causes her to collapse.[28]

When Ge Chen returns later, he ends up taking her to the showers and getting her a dress. Since his father would be mad if he found her, Ge Chen can't call the maids and has to do everything himself. She joins him outside and states she wants to learn to fight to save her sister Zhao Yan and avenge her father Professor Nan Gong. He agrees but reminds her she has an agreement to allow herself to become his meal any time he wants, as her blood allowed her to take on two Clan Leaders at once.[29]

Ge Chen trains her over the course of the week and they venture back to Kai Lun academy to gather her things. She picks up the brackelet given to her by Min Xing Yan. When girls from the dorm spy the pair he drags her side. Inside a cupboard he drinks more of her blood until she faints.[30]

Clan Brujah

The group travels to the airport to go to the first location, the Brujah. On board the airplane, Lilla tries to sit next to Ge Chen but is told to sit in the back and ends up next to Fraser while Yue Jian sits next to him instead. At the hotel, Ge Chen buys an entire floor of the hotel so each member can have their own room.[31]

Upon arriving at the Brujah's castle, they are attacked by the clans hybrid monsters.[32] Clan Brujah show up after Lilla and Fraser render the monsters unconscious. Ge Chen steps in and stops further conflict after Brujah's leader goes to attack, he shows him the Corpse Hand and explains the situation and that they need the Torture Axe. Brujah's leader steps down and notes that until their pets are healed, they will not conduct any further business with the group, to which Ge Chen agrees. As insurance, he takes Yue Jian hostage while they do so.[33]


Yue Jian profession; hostage

The next morning she wakes up and starts stretching her legs. The guards wake up, having fallen asleep and grab her. Suddenly they smell her Mei Yue Yin blood and she pushes them away. As she dashes, she throws her flying daggers at them. Trying to hide form them, she activates a switch on a Iron Maiden, which lands her inside a secret area. Here she finds a butterfly inside a seal. It flies towards her and merges with her body.[34]

A day later, they go to collect Yue Jian, only to find both her and Zhui Yan are gone andthe two guards watching her were dead. When Brujah accuses taking it as their real reason for being there, Yue Jian appears.[35] She dismisses that she had the soul and the Brujah leader hands over his Axe. Ge Chen suspects she is lying.

After a series of events, Brujah hands The Axe to Ge Chen, but unknown to the group, Yue Jian was possessed by a spirit called Zhui Yan. During the night, she wakes Lilla telling her she couldn't sleep and wants to chat with her. The spirit makes Lilla let her in. Once inside, she makes her hand over Poison Bottle. She then puts her to sleep and undresses her, leaving her in her underwear. Fraser is lured to the room, which he sees Lilla lying on her bed in her underwear and is overcome with embarrassment. After convincing Fraser to also hand over the The Staff, she leaves him sleeping next Lilla.

Next she approaches Ge Chen telling him there is a problem with her bathroom.[36] She takes both the Corpse Hand and Torture Axe from him and leaves him asleep.

She leaves the hotel and Zhui Yan attempts to destroy Yue Jian's body to gain control over her. When she goes to use the 4 sacred weapons, she discovers they are fake. The others show up soon after.


Ge Chen and the others attempt to deal with the Butterfly soul

Half an hour before this, Ge Chen had told them to switch their weapons for fakes, as he suspected what had happened to Yue Jian. When they catch up to her after she fails to destroy the body of Yue Jian, both Fraser and Lilla demand pay back for their earlier humiliation. The 3 vampires attempt to imprison it between them, however it threatens to destroy Yue Jian's body, forcing them to leaving an opening for it to escape through to protect her. Ge hen senses it came from the Malkavian Clan so they would head there next.[37]

Clan Malkavian

The group arrives at an Abandoned stone village where Clan Malkavian is according to the Corpse Hand. Here there is no sense of humanity present at all. After seeing a group of birds disappear they realise there is a protective barrier hiding the clans HQ. Yue Jian uses the flying spell that Ge Chen taught her the day before and the group fly up into the sky. In a nearby wheat field, they spy a large skull sign across it. As Fraser and Lilla try to fly through it, they bash into it and get knocked down. Suddenly they realise that Yue Jian is missing.[38]

During sleep, she has a dream about her father and sisters. The 3 of them blame her for being useless. Her father tells her nothing can be done as her sisters have both become vampires, they then kill her. Dye You watches over her, sensing the Zhui Yan scent on her. Fraser brings her around and they enter the building.

Greeted by the current clan leader, they meet Dye You for the first time.[39]

Later on they find themselves rescuing Ge Chen from Dye You. During the fight, Lilla finds herself in trouble and Yue Jian saves her. the 3 Vampies push the butterfly soul out and kill it.[40]

After it is explained about Dye You they retire. Lilla and Yue Jian meet in the baths and she explained she owes Yue a debt but they are still not friends. Ge Chen finds her and drags her away to bite her. Once bitten he settles down and begins to cry over what happened to Ji Xiu years ago. The pair hug he suddenly realizes himself and excuse himself from her telling her not to pretend non of it happened.[41]

Clan Nosferatu


The group arrives in Spana City to find the Nosferatu

The group arrives in a dirty city to find the Nosferatu Clan, to which Fraser explains the clans customs. They are attacked by a man on a broom stick, who knocks over Lilla to see her panties. She runs after him. When the chase ends with her bashing into a brick wall, Ge Chen tells her he is likely the leader of the Nosferatu.

A girl appears in trouble. Her parents chase her and she reveals the clans leader, Tukata, has forced her into a position to marry her. A month beforehand, he had attacked her and forced her to marry him and become a vampire. He returns later when she refuses to tell her that if she doesn't her family will receive bad luck. The next day he kept his word and her family were attacked. He gives her 3 days and a wedding gown to make up her mind. He then tells her where to go and tells her that her entire family will become vampires if she refuses.[42]

Lilla wears the wedding dress, though she appears calm on the outside, inside she is angry about her situation. The group arrives at the Nosferatu sewer entrance to their HQ. They are approached b members of the clan, crawling on the ceiling. The carry Lilla off to their HQ.

She unveils she is not Cana to stop his advances and pulls out Poison Bottle. She is stopped by the arrival of the others, and the rest of clan Nosferatu. Ge Chen introduces himself. He is shocked to learn who Lilla is. Ge Chen asks to borrow the Illusion Mirror. He protests when he is pulled up on his breakage of the rules of the Camarilla and comically punched by Lilla when he claims she wanted to marry him. Cana had come the previous day to claim that Lilla was going to propose to him. Cana's parents, who came with them, have disappeared and with them, Illusion Mirror.

Tutaka releases under his actions he gave away their clans location, leading to Illusion Mirror being stolen. The group splits up to find them. When Tukata tries to go with Lilla or Yue Yan, both protest.[43]

The group arrives in time to save Lilla, who is being attacked by Cana and her "parents". Yue Jin's Sui Xi Bing Lin daggers fly towards her and ct the chains. They escape, taking Poison Bottle with them.

The group analyse the situation the situation, with both Illusion Mirror and Poison Bottle taken by Cana, they can only head out to the Toreador Clan before Cana reaches it first.[44]

Clan Toreador

They arrive at the Toreador's HQ and disguise themselves as students at the academy. Ge Chen and Yue Jian enter the same class as each other. Yue Jin finds she cannot forget Min Xing Yan. She accidentally enters an area only meant for the Student Union, the others enter the rea to protect her, only to worsen the situation. They place a wager with the group, that if they win the are allowed to enter the area, but if they loose they shall leave the school at once.[45]

The 4 games that are to be held turn out to be Horseback Riding, Fist Fighting, Archery and Fencing. These events are held once a year on a special occasion to demonstrate the physical capabilities of the students in addition to their aristocrat temperament and training. The winners of each event fight the Student Counsel. They explain they must beat them overall in the events to win the wager. The chance of a draw is dismissed as the students explain the counsel wins every year.

Yue Jian practices in the archery area. Ai Na enters and tells her she needs to improve as her archery skills are good but basic before revealing she is her the one she will be facing in the contest. As she leaves Ge Chen notes how Yue Jian's mind often wonders.

At the events she reads that Lilla will face Wei Er and Fraser Lan Qi. She gets picks on by Lilla for having doubts, and states Fraser will be fine. When she has doubts on Lilla's horse,she dismisses them and explains due to her clans empathy with animals, she has picked the horse specially.[46]

She joins Fraser and Yue Jian, having been forced to wear rabbit-ears shaped bandage by Fraser. Lei Milla mentions they believe there is someone suspicious among the student council, as the horse started acting strange on Lilla once the race started. Lei Milla was forced to mind control it, but only managed to hold onto its mind for one minute. Fraser reports his foe in the arena was stronger then an average human and believe they are with the Toreador clan. Th4ey suspect Ge Chen has figured it out too.

Fraser takes a jab at Lei Milla for using mind control is against the Camarilla's rules, but Lei Milla takes a job back and points out Fraser left a giant hole with his final punch. Thus, they get into a argument that turns into a fight.

Later, she takes on Ai Na in the archery contest. As the contest event runs its course, Ai Na matches her school exactly point for point on both every arrow and the final total score. The pressure gets to Yue Jian and she begins to loose her nerve. She puts everything she has got into the final round and gets an incredible score of 9, 9, 10. Ai Na aims for Yue Jian's board and causes her 10 point arrow to fall to the ground, replacing it with her own.

Upset by her clear loss, Ge Chen comforts her.[47]

Alone, Ge Chen and Yue Jian discuss the events of the competition. They are interupted by the news that the Student council have been attacked. They join Lilla and Fraser at the garden. Fraser explains the situation to Ge Chen. Inside, Cana is attacking the Toreador using Illusion Mirror. Lilla gets restless over Cana's presence. They then notice Ai Na is unaffected and realise why Cana stole the Illusion Mirror, as the Devil Doll cannot be effected by the mirrors powers as it has no heart.[48]

Ai Na deals with Cana and she retreats for the moment. When she is gone, Ge Chen approaches Clain and the two soon get into odds with each other. Yue Jian finds herself being the voice of reason and points out the seriousness of the situation.


Part of Clain's plan; dressing up Ge Chen in a girl's uniform

Clain devises a plan to capature Cana, which succeeds.[49]

The Followers of Set

Following further the plan set by Clain, Cana is allowed to escape with help thanks to Yue jian, who acts as bait to give her means to escape.

The group follow her to the hideout of the Follower of Set. They discover Cana's real name of Jalousie, as well as witness first hand the leader of the Followers of Set talking with the Rotting Bracelet. After the High Priest discovers the Sacred Weapons, Poison Bottle and Illusion Mirror Jalousie hands over are fakes, the group realize they are in trouble if discovered and flee.

As they flee, the floor gives way beneath her and she falls into a hidden chamber below, where a sleeping person is being kept.[50] By the time the group catches up, she thinks she knows who it is, but Ge Chen denies knowing him and they leave.[51]

As the group leaves the HQ of the Followers of Set, they find themselves confronting Jalousie and the Hugh Priest. They find themselves attacked by skeletons that rise up from below them, forcing a conflict. The others deal with the hordes of the undead, while Ge Chen deals with the High Priest, Lilla and Fraser go after Jalousie. During the fight, Clain gives Yue Jian a quick lesson on how to beat skeletons by kitting their joints and controlling their movements.[51]

While they continue their fight, Ge Chen is imprisoned with the spell "Devils Dream Cacoon", to the surprise of the High Priest Yue Jian is able to free him. The group is allowed to teleport away. Away from the conflict, Clain hands over Ai Na and the group departs.

Later on she goes to check on Lilla when she comes across Ge Chen. The two talk and part ways for the night, though the talk causes Ge Chen to smile.[52]

The Ice Coffin

Ge Chen and Fraser wait at the edge of the Black Sea for Lilla and Yue Jian, who are late arriving. When the pair appears, Lilla is wearing a bikini and Yue Jian has a oxygen tank. They explain their reasons for the outfits and the tank, while Ge Chen and Fraser explain why they don't need either. Ge Chen tells Yue Jian not to become like Lilla and tells her how to use her spell control for diving. Lilla tries to force Yue Jian to wear a sexy two thin bikini but fails.

As they dive, Yue Jian begins to feel strange. As the approach the gate, Yue Jian begins to react and she casts a spell to open the gate. Yue Jian comes face to face with someone who looks just like her.[53]

She finds herself explaining to Lilla the person is not a clone of herself, however, she is one of a set of triplets. Yue Jian explains that as they approached the Ice Coffin, she felt the the voice of someone guiding her.

Ge Chen begins the ceremony related to the items. He is presented with a note. The note explains how to lift the curse of Osiris on the Forbidden Sphere. Following the instructions, they leave the 7 Sacred Weapons, under the belief they can come back and get them later from the Ice Coffin.

Later as they leave via a train, Ge Chen goes over an issue that bothers him about the situation. Corpse Hand had told him the 7 Sacred Weapons were the "key" to obtaining the power, but not the "price" to obtain it. He asks Fraser more about the incantation itself they obtained and Fraser has concerns about the way it is written.

Yue Jian then reveals she felt that the woman in the Ice Coffin looked like her sister Xi Yan. When Ge Chen pulls the note about the curse out it is blank. The 4 jump off the train as Ge Chen realizes the Sabbat tricked tem.[54]

The group arrives in the woods near the Black Sea, Fraser figures it might be too late. Ge Chen states the road is the only way out and if they are lucky they can catch them before they escape. However, he notes they may also figure out they would come back which means they could be heading into a trap. They are then attacked by the Sabbat.

As the fight goes on, Yue Jian spots her sister and goes after her. Ge Chen spots this and prevents her from chasing her. As they fight they begin to realise their not actually fighting back and the group walks into the trap. They make their counter escape and Yue Jian calls out to her sister who finally turns around. There is a large explosion and the group retreats.

The Forbidden Sphere

Back at the Ventrue Clan castle, Ge Chen reflects on his position of leadership. Fraser and Lilla report that Yue Jian wants to be alone.

In her room, she remembers watches shooting stars with her sisters when they were children. Though she doesn't understand what her purpose is, she wants simply to reunite with her two sisters. She knows everyone is now headed for the Forbidden Sphere. Ge Chen comes to check on her and states she is ready to head onto the Forbidden Sphere.[1]

Ge Chen gives her a pill that makes her invisible to Vampires by hiding her scent. He tells her not to take the Sacred Weapons as she will never make it out. Instead she must stay with the Sabbat in Secret until the Luna Eclipse event occurs, and the Forbidden Sphere event can begin.

She infiltrates the Sabbat HQ. The pill takes its toil on her and causes her pain. She searches for her sisters and finally finds Xi Yan. Xi Yan is unable to see her because of her being a Vampire and therefore the pill making Yue Jian invisible to her sister. She tells her she is not hearing things, that she is here to take her back. Xi Yan tells her to go away as she is still ashamed of everything she has done.


The last hope...

She tells her the day that Xi Yan walked away with the weapons were stolen, Yue Jian was deeply upset by her goodbye. She acted very different to the sister she knew. Xi Yan states she doesn't have the right to go back to her sisters, but Yue Jian reassures her there is nothing wrong. At that point she tells her to find their sister Zhao Yan and in the meantime she will use Xi Yan's identity. She gives her a second pill and tells her to hide until the time is right. Yue Jian tells her she will endure Yi Sai's torture until the time for her sisters' sakes.[55]

Yue Jian joins Yi Sai and Fan Le Lao as they examine the Sacred Weapons of the Camarilla, disguised as Xi Yan. Yi Sai ass her why she is here and when she does not reply he angers at her attitude believing her to be Xi Yan. Almost letting it slip who she really is, she hides her resistance in her eyes.

Later, she secretly goes to see her sister Zhao Yan.[56]

She returns to the Sacred Weapons and whispers to the Devil Doll. Yi Sai approaches, still believing she is Xi Yan and asks why she is there. She states she wishes to go on a mission with him, afraid of being punished for her last mission. Yi Sai grab her hair and drags her to her sister Zhao Yan and makes her watch Fan Le Lao talking to her. She watches as Zhao Yan is bitten and abused by Fan Le Lao. He makes her aware of their audience. She is made to watch as Zhao Yan resists her pain and humilation in front of her sister. She states she has no plans to resist him. He informs her the next few days her training will intensify.


In one swift move, Yi Sai is caught

They meet at the cemetery where the Forbidden Spere is and a fight between the Sabbat and Camarilla begins.[57] During the fight, she is ordered to attack Lilla. She is ordered to pull Lilla towards her. With Yi Sai believeing he has Fraser and Lilla secured, he begins the summoning of the door to the Forbidden Sphere, only to find the Devil Doll in front of him attacking and Xi Yan at his throat with a dagger, it is then she reveals she really is Yue Jian. Yue Jian states she will not forgive Yi Sai for what he has done to Xi Yan.

Since neither side is benefitting from fighting outside of the Forbidden Sphere, a truce between the Camarilla and Sabbat is called. This will last until both sides are able to battle for Set's power.[55]

The Sabbat and Camarilla stand before the seal holding Set's power within. The rules are explained on how to get the power held within. Fan Le Lao and Ge Chen begins to fight.

A loud explosion catches their attention, they turn to see Set himself has appeared to reclaim his power. Ge Chen squares off against Set and knees down afterwards. All sides are wounded, Yue Jian knows she can at least change things on Ge Chen's side. Yi Sai spots her trying to go to Ge Chen and attacks. The snakes are cut down bu Xi Yan as she and Zhao Yan are reunited with their sister.[58] When Yi Sai mocks the pair for returning, Zhao Yan states they will not let anyone touch Yue Jian. When Yi Sai attacks Yue Jian, Xi Yan stops him.

Ceasing the moment, she rushes to Ge Chen's side. He refuses to drink her blood, she forces him to take it.[59]

Fan Le Lao uses the command spell to force Zhao Yan to give him blood to fight with. As he bites her, he finds she has little blood inside her and begins to strip her dress to bite her dry, but is attacked by Ge Chen who is with Yue Jian. He commands Zhao Yan to attack. She appeals to Zhao Yan to wake up, but she does not respond.

Ge Chen, Fraser and Yue Jian suddenly witness Set strike Lilla, who attempted to use the poison of Poison Bottle to bring him down using her own body as a sacrifice. She knocks her sister Zhao Yan out, grabs her weapon and goes for Set herself. She demands he gives her back Min Xing Yan.[60]

As the fight ends, Ge Chen is left with none of Set's power. Xi Ti goes to pick up Jue Jian to which Ge Chen is helpless. Set points out that he sacrificed the chance to gain his power by worrying about others and leaves with her. Ge Chen tries to reach out, but cannot do anything to stop him.[61]

Set's Prisoner

When she awakens several weeks later she is greeted by Set who she at first mistakes for Min Xing Yan. He then introduces her formally to Isis who spoke to her when she entered the Ice Coffin. Yue Jian demands to know her fate, though only get a confirmation they have no plans to kill her. Set then explains Ge Chen likely found out everything from Corpse Hand on Min Xing Yan's fate, but protected her by not telling her. He explains that her only use right now of Mei Yue Yin is as a power up, which is Set's only current interest in her and she does not know how to use it fully.

Then, much to his annoyance she begins to call for Min Xing Yan. He releases her, leaving her wondering for a brief moment if she got through to him as he hugs her. He bares his fangs and loud laughter fills the air as Isis watches him.[62]

She awakens to come face to face with a cage of creatures. She reconigises Wu Sha among them as they reach out trying to get her flesh. Set is surprised to see she remembers the classmates of her old school and explains they were transformed by the power of the Rotting Bracelet into creatures who only crave flesh and blood, making them less then Vampires.

He explains she is too weak and must consume their flesh to become strong enough to hold Isis. When she refuses to eat them, he tosses her to the creatures to be devoured.

When he awakens Isis is looking over her and explains just before death Set saved her life. Yue Jin states that was the first time she ever felt death. Isis explains why this is happening and how envious and pitiful she is of Yue Jian for being a mere mortal. They discuss the meaning of Gods to mortals and how much burden comes with the power and influence. She tells Yue Jian she must submit to Set or fight; doing nothing will get her nowhere. She feels in reality she is a sinner and deserves a normal identity with Yue Jian being planned to hold her.

Yue Jian picks up the dagger that she leaves behind and misses Ge Chen.[63]

Later she fights the Creatures, unaware Ge Chen is using the Corpse Hand to watch her.[64] She finally collapses and is healed by Set, she tries to appeal to Min Xing Yan again, but he insists it won't work. He states if she co-operates when Isis has her body he will consider sparing her friends. She cries alone, Ge Chen is unable to comfort her but using his blood manages to leave a message to wait for him.[65]

Yue Jian Falls

Over time, Yue Jian begins to resist the creatures blood and her wounds stop healing so well, leading Isis to get concerned.

Inside Yue Jian's dream of a snow covered land, Isis questions her for rejecting power when offered to it, stating its natural to want to protect people but Isis also does too. Yue Jian responds back, telling Isis that she knows the Xue Yan victims are just people in pain and they still have some control over themselves.

To spite Isis further, she states that Gods like her won't ever know what its like to live as weak mortals. She refuses to exchange her happiness for the suffering of others and tells Isis she has no right to take the life of others for her own selfishness.

She sees a vision of her sisters Zhao Yan and Xi Yan asking her to come home with them and then sees the message left by Ge Chen. She then sees Xiao Black and Min Xing Yan and they also tell her to keep fighting.

When she wakes up, she sees Min Xing Yan for the first time in a long time. She is glad to see him having defeated Set, but he refuses to run away as he explains Set is still alive. He questions her abilities towards the future. He takes her somewhere and tells her to face the truth.[66]

He attempts to force Yue Jian to consumed the flesh of the creatures and makes her weapon go from her hand. She continues to protest and sees through his trick as Min Xing Yan would never have taken the stance. He then lectures her on his views of food and why she must eat, while mocking her moral and righteous highground she has taken to defend herself as a form of hypocrisy.

As she defends herself, Set mocks her telling her how naïve she is, to which Yue Jian states she is fully aware of what she is doing. She will not drink the blood of the victims, they cannot force her and they do not want her to die either. But resisting, their plans fail.

Behind her, the creatures begin to speak and ask if they are human. Yue Jian grabs Wu Sha and tries tog et through to her. Due to her pain, Wu Sha states she wants to die and though Yue Jian pleads with her they attack. The creatures attack again, frightened by what has happened to them to the point they all want to die and consumed with hunger. Yue Jian tries to grab the knife that Isis gave her but it is just out of reach.

Isis approaches her and tells her the blade has become a tool she relied upon too much. She notes so long as the blood is within the creatures, they will continue their pitiful existence. Isis accuses Yue Jian of being cruel, as she points out that giving is just as cruel as taking. Isis looks down on the fallen Yue Jian and tells them giving them hope is cruel and they have been struggling because of her promise. While wanting to live is fine, that wanting to die is also fine. She continues to lecture her on cruelty.

Isis reminds her there is another other there with Mei Yue Yin blood and tells her to choose between the blade and her fangs. Yue Jian bites Wa Shu, draining her blood, why she suffers the impact of doing so as the taste both disgust her and yet she finds it sweet. When she has drained every drop from her, Wa Shu dies. As Yue Jian cries, Isis notes this is the end and Yue Jian's heart has fallen.[67]

It is revealed she had given up and feasted on the creatures' blood, by this point she had also stopped resisting it at completely.[68]

Later she is seen drinking blood again. She killed her classmates, than more people is brought to her. She notes that she tries to look at it as if she is helping them but is deeply conflicted by what she is doing. She mentions that she can dream again as she is not worthy of it. Her strength greatly improved, but to be an ideal vessel for Isis she needs to be able to use it, so Set makes her fight with strange creatures. Her strength is explosive now. She sees this as killing herself step-by-step. She becomes aware of how weak and useless she was even when she thought that she is making efforts. But she is willing to do this as she is becoming stronger and this way she can put less burden on her sister.[69]

She falls asleep after the fight and she has a strange dream. She is with Ge Chen. She is aggrieved by what she done, and sees herself as unworthy of being with her loves again. Ge Chen reassures her that he will never turn his back on her. She jumps in his arms crying.[70]

Yue Jian speaks about her current state of mind - she is tormented by that she is forced to kill, and she is in deep conflict about herself. Ge Chen can't really give a satisfying answer, but tells her that drinking blood was inevitable for her, and that she should remember those she killed and think about them as those who give her power. He is on the opinion that they will both hace the strength to face their enemy. He tries to inquire about how she sees him but he doesn't get the answer he hoped. He informs her that they are trapped within a Dream World created by the Ravnos Clan. He wants to exchange information with her then escape.[69] Ge Chen finds 2 pistols. He concludes that they should kill each other if they want to escape. He asks Yue Jian's opinion as she in this situation, too. She agrees to his method. She tells him that she finds this device incredible, since it can bring peace and joy to those who suffer, but she can't stay as she has things to do. Ge Chen is happy that she has matured that much, and kisses her forehead as a repayment. They say their goodbyes, then shots the other. She awakens in her icebed. Set is beside her and comments that she fainted after the training, and mocks her for being still so weak. He is surprised by how determined she looks like as she wants to continue her training. [71]


She is named after the flower "Common Evening Primrose" (月见草, Yuè jiàn cǎo) of which the first two letters of her name are taken from. Her name is also different to her sisters by the way it is written and is written in Simplified Chinese. This likely is to signal the difference in herself compared to her sisters.

Due a side effect of this, her name can have other meanings. Her name means also "See the Moon" or "Viewing Moon" and is a reference to the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The full translation of her name is "Moon facing Palace".

In Victorian interpretation, Primrose blossoms mean many different things.  It’s a symbol for bashfulness.  It’s a symbol for inconstancy.  It also can refer to young love as well as neglected merit. However, the most popular meaning for primrose is “I can’t live without you”.


  • She often has imagery associated with the moon. For example Sui Xi Bing Lin all bare crescent moon shapes on them.
  • The birthday of the three sisters is on the 27th of May.
  • In China, the 3 Nan Gong sisters are quite popular.[72]
  • In a poll that was made for the 100th chapter she was ranked in 1st place.
  • In chapter 69 she made a wish upon a shooting star as a child. Like her sisters' wishes, her wish was destined to not occur. From the selection process onward for Mei Yue Yin, she has been mostly on her own, from the start of the current storyline onwards, she has had more problems appear that have separated her further from them.
  • The concept of Mei Yue Yin is probably based on how a Hunter becomes Imbued in the Hunter: the Reckoning. They can strengthen themselves by practicing Virtues - self-control, compassion and courage - and Creeds: Mercy, Vision, and Zeal. Yue Jian shows great achievements in all Virtues and sign of Mercy: Merciful Hunters seek to redeem or protect those monsters worth saving, or to take the suffering of others onto themselves, they rarely inflict physical harm, but are either defensive or attempts to reach what humanity is left within their foes, or attempting first to reason with the beast before engaging in it combat.


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