Xue Yan is a disease discovered to be from the Followers of Set.


It is a illness that takes over a person, creating a dark persona inside of them. Originally Ge Chen concludes that since Corpse Hand does not know its origins, it must be of Sabbat origin but does not know why they are spreading such a disease. However, later it is revealed it came from Rotting Bracelet.

Vampire InfectionEdit


Dye showing her demonic side due to Xue Yan

If a Vampire is given this disease, it will force them to transform into their Vampire self at night and seek blood regardless. The illness has to be provoked to be activated and once done so is incurable.

Dye You is infected by it as a child. Her father forces her soul into two halves, creating the Zhui Yan Butterfly Soul. Ge Chen suspects it was given to her to disrupt the Malkavian Clan from within and destroy them.[1]

So far, the only way of partly "curing" the disease is to split the soul. Zhui Yan Butterfly Soul is a by-product of Dye You's infection, her father rid the disease from her by splitting her soul. However, the side effect was that Dye You lost half her soul in the process and was impacted from within. She yarned for its return despite the impact it would have for her. Eventually, the Butterfly was destroyed.[2]

Dye You's father had good reasons for being concerned with her infection. The disease's effects are dangerous to Camarilla Vampires as it risks the individuals infected being caught breaking their 6 rules, should this be discovered then the fate of the Vampire is death. Such was the fate of Ge Chen's brother Ji Xiu who was killed because there was too much of a risk. Not only did he break the rules of their organisation, but as he was a candidate for the leadership of the Ventrue Clan and the Camarilla itself there was too much at risk. There was no way they could afford a Xue Yan infected individual to be in a position of power.[3]

Vampires who completely fall to the disease become mindless creatures, unable to create their own kind. They become creatures of hatred and darkness. They do not resemble anything like they once did and are mindless monsters. Set pitches them against Yue Jian as part of her training.

Human InfectionEdit


A human infected with Xue Yan after succumbing to the illness

The disease was not just spread to vampires, but also to humans as well and Wu Sha was among the classmates of Yue Jian and Ge Chen infected with it. It turned them into flesh craving creatures, making less then Vampires for their pitiful and unending cravings purely for flesh. Xi Tai can control them and force them to do his bidding. They were offered to Yue Jian as food for her to make her strong enough to hold Isis within her.[4]

Yue Jian later reveals she believes their craving are likely a result of their painful existence and they are trying to fight their own condition but are unable to do so. Their plight led to them forgetting that once they were human.[5]

There is no known cure for this disease in humans, they were only put out of their misery by Yue Jian giving up and feasting on their blood.[5]


  • Those touched by the disease mimic the Fomori in terms of both their appearance and demeanour. Within the cWOD, the longer those involved are tainted by, the most twisted their form becomes as a spirit called a Bane takes over their body and mind. Though they commonly infect mortals, Vampires are not safe from this taint, for they can become aBloodworm. Vampires themselves are Unwitting servants to an entity known as Wyrm, many actions Vampires make contribute to the end of creation because of it.

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