Xiao Ai (小艾, Xiǎo ài) is a female member of staff at Kai Lun academy. She first is introduced when she greets Yue Jian, Ling Xue Xiao and Lin Xuan Chi when they arrive to attend the school.[1]

She next appears when Wu Sha attempt to force a room inspection on Yue Jian's room. She states that as Wu Sha only has circumstantial evidence, she has no reason to inspect the room as a teacher. For her to have a reason to do so under the circumstances, all 8 of the other students in the dorm must agree to allow her. When Zhen Mi causes the majority of the girls present to go against Wu Sha's desire, she opts to not inspect the room.[2]


  • Her name means "Small Love" and can also be translated to the surname "Iverson".

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