The Cup of Blood or Blood Goblet (血杯, Xuè bēi) is the Sacred Weapon of the Tzimisce Clan clan and is held by their leader, Yi Sai.



Blood Goblet

The Cup of Blood can hold the blood of others and generate more of their blood. Whomever drinks this blood from the cup then gains access to the power of the original donor. This was exampled when it was used to steal the teleportation power of Ge Chen. The second time, Yi Sai steals Fraser's magical abilities to use his clans Sacred Weapon The Staff in the ritual for the Forbidden Sphere.[1]

Its power only lasts for a limited amount of time before more blood must be added, leaving it only a temporary, but powerful, boost that can sway a battle in an instant.[2]

The Cup, despite allowing access to another Vampires abilities, will not transfer physical changes to the drinker. For example, if it is used on a Gangrel, the drinker will not gain animal features.


  • Vampire Sphere borrows a lot of notes fromVampire: The Masquerade, though Sacred Weapons are not borrowed elements. However, the Cup within VtM would be useful as it would avoid two rules of the game, essentially "breaking" the game;
    • In VtM Blood Bond is where Vitae is exchanged between one Vampire and another. Every Vampire begins 1 step towards Blood Bond, resulting in them always bumping into their sire. After the 3 time drinking the blood of another Vampire, the Vampire becomes in awe of the one they took Vitae from. The Cup of Blood within VtM would seem never to cause a Vampire to take a step towards the Blood Bond, if used as a form of trick towards another.
    • The second rule involves the diablerise rule, a common method of obtaining power within VtM. This is much harsh compared to Blood Bonding, as the Vampire involved is completely drained of their blood. The Vampire who diablerised has access to all of the consumed powers, but has a chance of the consumed Vampire gaining control over their body in the process. The Cup allows access to the powers of another Vampire, without them having to be diablerised.

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