Spirit Ring (魂戒, Hún jiè) is the Sacred Weapon of the Malkavian Clan.


Facing eternal sleep, the clan leader handed the Ring to his daughter Dye You,[1] she wears it on the left hand middle finger. Spirit Ring is the smallest of the Sacred Weapons.

When in use by its wearer, it creates a ring of skulls joined by ropes. Its power is the ability to look into a person's soul and see their inner most thoughts, making them enter a dream-like state. In Yue Jian's case, it was the guilt of Professor Nan Gong's death, as well as the capture of her sisters Xi Yan and Zhao Yan and her inability to do anything.[1] In Ge Chen's case, it showed his troubling thoughts of his own destiny, which involves personnel sacrifices to meet his destiny.[2]

The Spirit Ring was also able to tap into the Corpse Hands abilities to show secrets. Its power ultimately ends up being about manipulation of ones darkest fears, which when combined with the power of the Corpse Hands own abilities, leaves the user of the Hand at mercy to deep and trouble levels of emotional or spiritual manipulations.[2]

At one point, Spirit Ring was put down to the reason behind Dora and Ge Chen's apparent marriage, as far as Ge Chen is concerned it never happened and it was all a trick by the ring. This wasn't true and the marriage really did occur, but the Ring's powers are impressive enough to dismiss the marriage as a trick of the Spirit Ring and have nobody any wiser. This left the marriage as just a rumour.[3]

While active, Soul Ring glows on the finger and at its full power a ring of skulls appears.



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