Side Chapter 9 was pulished in the thirteenth volume of the Vampire Sphere.

Note that this was given out as an entertainment for the fans! It may or may not be related to the plot line of the series, and the occurances and events may or may not went on as how they are represented in the Side Chapters!

Chapters connected to it: Chapter 38

Characters appearing in it: Xi Yan, Zhao Yan, Yue Jian, Yi Sai

Summary Edit

After a birthday party, Yue Jian is worriedly asking Zhao Yan what to do - Xi Yan accidentally drank their father's beer and got drunk. Yue Jian blames herself for not noticing it earlier. Xi Yan claims that she is alright, yet sees Zhao Yan with 3 heads. Zhao Yan, too, is helpless and has no idea what to do. She takes Xi Yan outside, and asks Yue Jian to make tea.

They are on a bench - Zhao Yan is sitting, and Xi Yan is laying on it, with her head in her sister's lap. A while later Zhao Yan asks her is she feels better. Xi Yan asks what happened to her, and is told that she got drunk and she was taken outside to get some fresh air.

Xi Yan tries to prove that she is not drunk by claiming that she in reality is a magical fairy - Zhao Yan deduces from that the her mind is still foggy. Xi Yan goes on, saying that if Zhao Yan is not drunk, then she isn't either, as they are sister and she can't be better than her. Zhao Yan reassures her that she is not better than Xi Yan.

Xi Yan turns around in Zhao Yan's lap, then blurts out that she doesn't like either of them. She feels that Zhao Yan is better then her in everything, and thinks that Yue Jian is more mature than her, so she doesn't like them.

Zhao Yan tries to comfort her, saying that Xi Yan has her merits, too. She thinks that Xi Yan is hard working and lively, more assertive than her or Yue Jian, and they all like her that way, since they are family.

Yue Jian comes outside, informing them that the tea is ready. She asks what they were talking about, and Zhao Yan tells her that Xi Yan admitted loving them. In the meanwhile, Xi Yan fell asleep.

Xi Yan is awakened by Yi Sai. She finds herself laying on his bed thinking that she was only dreaming. He urges her to get up and get ready for training. When she is not moving, he questions her whether she wants to be lazy and skip the work that day. Xi Yan denies it, to Yi Sai's satisfaction.

She ponders why can't she go back anymore.