Note that this was given out as an entertainment for the fans! It may or may not be related to the plot line of the series, and the occurances and events may or may not went on as how they are represented in the Side Chapters!

Chapters connected to it: summarizes the development of a relationship

Characters appearing in it: Zhao Yan, Fan Le Lao

Summary Edit

When they first met, he thought she was pure white while he was nowhere near close to where she stood. He found her beauty heartwarming but he couldn't steal her pride. He took everything from her, so that in her eyes and her heart there would be place only for her, even if she hated her, at least she felt something for him.

But soon he realized, that it was not enough...

So he dressed up for her, and found her a beautiful nuptial dress, put on make up on her face... He took her into his bed, where she cried sad tears, but he only smiled warmly at her, before tearing off her tear-splattered clothes brutally.

His heart was cold for a long time yet he felt so much at that time... and he wanted her... wanted everything she could offer. So that night he took everything that belonged to her.

He always knew that she hated him, but even he himself didn't know what he truly felt for her. Was she only an amusement, a toy to pass time with? Or someone he just used? He hugged her, kissed many times, even taken her into his bed... yet her heart seemed to be further and further away from him.

After what he did to her, she used her sword for revenge and to kill him. She cried, yet he only smiled, since he achieved what he wanted: he managed to truly take away her innocence and died red her whiteness, as the feeling of death and blood could never be washed away from her hand.

He knew that these chains would be unbreakable for her and become something she couldn't get rid. Finally clearing what he felt for her he made her join to him in his fall so they will never be separated...