Sacred Weapons (圣器, Shèng qì) are mystic items of great power held by the 13 vampire Bloodlines.[1][2]



The seven Camarilla Weapons

Many are connected to the return of Set. They have variable levels of conscious thoughts between them, with the most being the Devil Doll which can act completely independently on its own.[3]

Some weapons work well to counter each other. For example the Spirit Ring can be used against the user of the Corpse Hand, while the Devil Doll can be used against the Illusion Mirror.[4] The Poison Bottle and The Staff have effects that can neutralize the others weapons user, so neither necessarily has the upper hand over the other.[5]

A number of the weapons were lost when the Forbidden Sphere was open. Others gained more power such as the Corpse Hand.

The 13 WeaponsEdit


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