Poison Bottle (毒瓶, Dú píng) is the sacred weapon of the Gangrel Clan.



Poison Bottle

The user can control the flow of the poison and the type of poison. It is held by the ownership of Lilla. However, she mostly uses it to combat the Tremere Clan's weapon The Staff during her petty fights with Fraser.[1] The weapons power manifests itself in the form of subduing substances that emerge from the bottle. Its powers vary but all focus on handicapping a foe. In the first instance she used it against Fraser, it rendered him feeble-minded, unable to remember who he was or where he was. In the second, she used it against the hybrid monsters of the Brujah Clan, causing them to sneeze and tumble.[2]

The two scared weapons have close matching powers that both render a combatant helpless in different ways. It should be noted that if users of both weapons use them on each other, the Poison Bottle's curse has to be lifted first so the other can regain the ability to use the Staff again and remove its own curse from the user of the Poison Bottle.[1]

One of the issues with the Poison inside of the bottle is its limited range. The entire contents of the bottle are enough to bring down an enemy like Set but to do so at range would waste too much of its contents as they would spill over the floor without reaching him. Therefore, the contents would have to be directly forced by contact into a foe like Set to bring him down. This becomes a problem Lilla faces and she swallows the entire contents with the bit to use herself as the vessel to inject its powers into him. However, the poison also impacted herself and risked destroying her own body. She had to use "Beast Blood" to get there in time and even then, failed leaving her vulnerable to further attacks.[3]

You Te was able to use its poison to make himself far stronger than he normally is capable of - he didn't seem to suffer consequences so far.[4]

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