Note; due to translation issues related to the fickleness of pinyin, this spell's name is also written as 'Nie Ji Lian Xue Bisai'.

Nie Yue Lian Xue Zhen (阵) is a high level spell of destruction used by Fan Le Lao, Jia Wen Duo and Osiris.

Description Edit

This spell originally was created by Osiris. Yi Sai described it as a spell of infinite destruction.[1]

It requires high level of power for someone to be able to master it. Fan Le Lao failed three times, and was only able subdue the spell when he drank Zhao Yan's blood and had the help of Mei Yue Yin.

The spell not just granted him a certain way of attack, it also heightened his own powers, to the point that he was able to cast illusion that could deceive strong Vampires like Ge Chen and Fraser. The increase in his powers wasn't subtle, Ge Chen even taken notice of it.

With the Nie Yue Lian Xue Zhen Fan Le Lao was able to hurt even Set himself. When he used it, Set recognized the spell.

Jia Wen Duo also used it to block Fan Le Lao's attack. He was able defend against an all powerful strike released by Fan Le Lao.

Currently, the only known users of the spell are Fan Le Lao and Jia Wen Duo.

History Edit

When Jia Wen Duo met with the child Fan Le Lao, who was ready to sacrifice anything for power, he imparted the spell to him, in exchange of a favour.[1]

After the battle with Ge Chen, Fan Le Lao attemps to conquer it again, but he fail, and accoring to him, it was the third time this happened. The backlash of his failure makes him cough up blood and claiming that this time he was almost completely rejected by it. Taking Yi Sai's suggestion, he decides to try out Zhao Yan's blood, in order to be able to master the spell.[1]

After rdrinking her blood, his powers are temporarily heightened, and he attemps to master the spell again.[2] This time, he succeds, and he ends up being even more powerful, but this time it is permanent.[3]

The spell is used next time against Set. It is able to hurt him, and he recognizes the spell immediately.[4]

In the Giovanni Clan's terrority Fan Le Lao finds the man whom he regards as responsible for the pain that occassionally torments him. They clash and the man uses Nie Yue Lian Xue Zhen to block his attack.[5] After defeating Fan Le Lao, the man reveals his identity as Osiris. After the Auction, they have another battle, where Jia Wen Duo uses it to block - successfully - an all-powerful attack from Fan Le Lao.[6]

Fun Facts Edit

  • Set immediately recognized it after Fan Le Lao used, as an early indication that the spell has something to do with Osiris.

Reference Edit

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