Li Tao (里桃, Lǐ táo) is first introduced when Yue Jian attends Kai Lun Academy, alongside Zhen Mi.[1]


A number of days later, she is pressed to vote in a room inspected called by Wu Sha. When Xiao Ai asks her and Zhen Mi how they would like to vote, she votes against the forced room inspection. She then tells An Chou if she does not also vote for Yue Jian she will not lend her anymore comics.[2]

When Zhen Mi reveals she is a vampire after luring out Yue Jian, Li Tao reveals she is a member of the Human Hunter Organisation in the Yin Se Shi Yan Faction, who had been suspecting Zhen Mi of being a Vampire for a while.[3] Ling Xue Xiao and Lin Xuan Chi show up to finish Zhen Mi off, Li Tao states she is from the Yin Se Shi Yan Faction. Later the 4 talk about Zhen Mi and Li Tao reveals she was a "Sacrificial Lamb" and her soul purpose was to gather bllood to feed the Demon King, and that it is possible he is already resurrected but is weak.[4]

After Min Xing Yan disappears she becomes worried for Yue Jian's well being. Because of Zhen Mi she had so few friends left.[5]

Some time later her faction is wiped out when the traitor in the organisation leds her team to all be killed, leaving her as the only survivor.[6]

While leading Yue Jian, Ling Xue Xiao and Lin Xuan Chi to the safety of her factions hidden HQ, she stops to see to the call of nature and is killed.[7]

Like Kai Lin, another hunter, she fought with a whip.


  • She did not know she was not the only surviving member of the Yin Se Shi Yan faction and died with the belief she was.
  • Her name means "Peach".

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