Illusion Mirror (幻镜, Huàn jìng) is the Sacred Weapon of the Nosferatu Clan.



Illusion Mirror

The Nosferatu clan protect this weapon by locking it away.[1] It has the appearance of a beautiful mirror.

As its name suggests, it has powers to do with illusions and can even create clones of itself. Anyone within its surrounding light cannot feel the energy within their body, paralyzing them. It then can harass their mind with illusions and controls their heart from within. Only someone who has no heart is not effected by the mirror, such as Devil Doll.[2]

When the illusion is broken, the cloned mirrors shatter and disappear. The only safe place is outside of its reach.[3]

After it was used to open the Door of the Forbidden Sphere, it disappeared and its fate has yet to be revealed.

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