Hue Ge Lin (霍格森, Huò gé sēn) is a high ranking member of the Human Hunter Organisation.


At the start of the series, Hue Ge Lin showed up in professor Nan Gong's house on a stormy night. He gave the professor the genes of a girl and told him to create two cloned twin girls out of it. He then asked him to take care of the twins for 9 years and offered him his payment for the task and also mentioned that he would return for the girls after 9 years had passed.

After 9 years had passed, he showed up again. He noticed the three girls in the garden and asked why there were three of them to which he replied that it was due to a fault in the system. The man however, said that he could take only two out of the three girls with him. He gave the professor two serums called the Mei Yue Yin and told him to choose two out of the three girls to inject them into. The man told him that the chosen daughters will be admitted to 'Sheng Pei Ren', a prestigious and elite academy in the city to receive high standard education and they will be considered as noble ladies from a mysterious aristocratic family.

When the man returned, Professor Nan Gong then injected the Mei Yue Yin into Zhao Yan and Xi Yan, causing a flower symbol to appear on their shoulders.[1]

He then reappears by Yue Jian's side after Shen Pei Ren is wiped out by the Sabbat, soon after her father is killed during a car crash. He sends Yue Jian to the safety of Kai Lun academy along with his personally trained students Ling Xue Xiao and Lin Xuan Chi, he then gets off the train at Lu Ting Zhen Road.[2] Later, Ge Chen reveals he sought to get aid from abroad, but was ambushed soon after he left the train and killed by Sabbat members, likely lead to him by the traitor Lin Xuan Chi.[3]

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