Gerqia Zillatze Souchen (戈尔怡斯拉特斯鲁辰, Gē ěr yí sī lā tè sī lǔ chén), commonly known by the name of Ge Chen (戈辰, Gē chén). "Ge Chen" acts both as his anonym and the short hand of his full name (mostly due to his full name being ridiculously long). He is the current head of the Ventrue Clan and the supreme leader of the Camarilla.


Ge Chen is a young very good looking male, appearing to be about Yue Jian's age. He has blue eyes that change into rubies red when he turns into a vampire and light, almost white, blond hair. His blond hair frame to the side of his face which give him a boyish charm. He has pale milky white skin that seems to shin under the light.

Ge Chen is not over heavily built. He had a beautiful lean muscular body which induced his training at school.

Later he is seen wearing earrings, indicating both his ears are pierced. He dresses smartly and rarely expresses anything but a cold, unemotional expression on his face. Even though he doesn't show emotion much, he had a beautiful elegant face.

Though so far he only cross-dressed into woman, on the cover picture of the 60th chapter he is drawn as a woman. He has waist long, curvy hair, rather flat chest and unmistakable feminine face.


He is distant and cold rarely showing any sign of emotion, he is not above hiding information from others and is strong against attempts to make him reveal information. He does not like being physically touched by others, which is why he passes on Lilla's advances on him.

He also constantly shows signs of his inability to interact with others or engage or interrupt their conversations. This makes him come as socially awkward, especially as they can fail to notice his presence at times, leading them to be embarrassed they didn't know he was there. he is deeply mature and yet despite his coldness quite compassionate towards others.

When he is on the domain of the Ravnos, in their dream world illusion he is shown to an inner perverseness. He is able to use this dream to talk to Yue Jian. After hearing about their views, he states he agrees with Isis' view on offering salvation without being able to deliver it, and Set's view on power being gained from consumption of the weak. However, his own take on this is that while this makes logical sense to him, individuals often do not chase these ideas. He is aware that this is because the desires, experiences and emotions of the individual, the individuals own self awareness may prevent any lifeform capable of thought from acting. This is not either good or bad, however, as this is what makes the person whom they are.

He believes the sacrifices made to survive and grow strong should not be wasted and the strength of those who fell should be put to good use to protect those who remain. He states that Yue Jian's self hold back was her value of life due to her near-death experience at a young age, while Ge Chen's is his actions at Forbidden Sphere and his questioning over his ability as a Leader.


Yue JianEdit


Ge Chen and Yue Jian, the first bite that snared him

At school he saved Yue Jian on several occasions when other students attempted to humiliate her. He also gives her scolding advice about things like walking around unaware of others while being unpopular, interrupting him when he is talking and to wear gowns to formal events. He finds himself attracted to her after biting her one and is aware of her nativity and childish behavior.

As a teacher to Yue Jian both on the art of fighting and magic, he showed great patience. He worked at a pace that was suited for her, taking things one step at a time with her, even if it takes her daays to learn each step. This is a great difference to how Yi Sai teaches Xi Yan Magic through pain and suffering.

While he truly develops feelings for Yue Jian, he is deeply afraid that fate will repeat itself and he will end up sacrificing her too. Over time, he becomes regarded as Yue Jian's lover whom he is fated to also sacrifice. This is an issue which Corpse Hand plagues him with several times over the storyline, after the original thoughts were set off by Dye You's Spirit Ring and then worsened after the event with the Followers of Set. With the Failure of the Forbidden Sphere he begins to fear more about Yue Jian's fate to the point he even tries to save her by starting a relationship with Dora to stop her becoming his lover. But Dora was never acknowledged as his wife, it was shown during the wedding, instead of Dora, he imagined that Yue Jian was his bride.

Ji XiuEdit

His beloved brother, Ge Chen never wanted ill of him and even in death wished Ji Xiu to maintain his dignity. Ge Chen always felt that should Ji Xiu had lived he would have been Superior to him in every way and a better leader of the Camarilla. The legacy of his brother's death plagues on Ge Chen's mind when he has doubts on himself, as neither brother held any ill against each other, even when Ge Chen was forced to kill Ji Xiu.


Ge Chen took Dora as his lover to protect Yue Jian as he was frightened he would sacrifice her as confirmed by his destiny via the Corpse Hand. Though he gave her everything she asked of him, the reality is he still had Yue Jian on his mind and though married her he didn't really love her.

The CamarillaEdit

He is a supporter of the Camarilla's laws and traditions. He is friendly despite this and forms friendships with leaders of the other Caramilla clans. Ge Chen is also faced with challenges presented to him as the new clan leader of the Venture, along with the troubles that leaders face.

He is considerably tolerate and patient towards the antics of its members, though considers some annoying. This includes things such as the constant bickering of Fraser and Lilla, though at times considers the pair quite stupid as their rivalry leads them to do stupid things while trying to out do each other. He usually has to fix situations they put themselves into.

His rival is the Leader of the Toreador Clan, Prince Clain.

The SabbatEdit

Though he wishes to stop the Sabbat from gaining power, as it would mean the end of Camarilla. The Sabbat are the biggest threat to their order and way of life and have a very different outlook on life to the Camarilla. His inexperience as a leader, allowed Fan Le Lao to take advantages of him and his allies on more then one instance.While he was able to form a temporary truce in regards to the Forbidden Sphere, this was only to delay petty squabbles; as soon as they faced getting Set's power the conflict started for real.


Min Xing Yan he saves his grace from Yue Jian when he finally lost his fight with Set, prolonging her from knowing the truth. Ge hen in the process protected the dignity of Min Xing Yan. Despite knowing for a while who he really was, Ge Chen and him had a mutual relationship of respect.



Ge Chen at full power

Ge Chen is fairly smart and has great tactical wit. However, he lacks experience that Fan Le Lao bares as the elder Vampire. Unlike Fan Le Lao, Ge Chen has some implications that restrain him from certain boundaries. For example, he may not put his allies in harms way for the sake of gain of power. He has less desire to gain power, but does so to protect the interests of the Camarilla and knows that he has obligations as a leader. Others turn to him for strength, yet due to his past experiences he has moments where he has doubt in himself and this becomes his biggest weakness.

It is revealed at one point when he has to cook for Yue Jian that he has no cooking skills at all.


Like all Vampires, he can suck blood and create other Vampires, however, due to his status he exercises a great restraint in both.

He is the temporary clan leader of Ventrue and with it, Leader of the Caramilla. He has full access to the known secrets of the Caramilla and its history, even accessing secrets unknown to the Sabbat. As expected of the son of their Clans true Leader, his overall abilities are supreme and he displays high speed and agility.

Supernatural PowersEdit

He can use teleportation abilities allowing him to teleport him and others a short distance.

At full power his speed, strength and agility are increased greatly and he is able to create the Liu Guang sword. He was also able to use healing magic to heal Yue Jian's injuries after the attack on the Hunter Organisation.

He also teaches Yue Jian basic spell known as "Invisible Space", which allows the user to hide small items inside a invisible space inside themselves. When needed, the items can be called so long as the users isn't exhausted. He can also create a simple shield barrier. Another one of his spells he taught Yue Jian is the ability to fly and then taught her how to manipulate it to dive into water.

When combined with the Mei Yue Yin blood his teleportation ability becomes a much more powerful ability, he an teleport a number of people a much greater distance further away from the current location. This is because the blood allows him to break the seal his father placed on him to repress his overall abilities. Though on a few occasions he cannot stop himself biting Yue Jian even when there was no reason to bite her, he has much more restraint over the long term side effects of Mei Yue Yin blood compared to Fan Le Lao. He only bites her in his moments of weakness and dislikes this, though generally has more restraint over his desires for more blood.

Sacred WeaponEdit

He has access to his Clan's Sacred Weapon, the Corpse Hand. With it, he has access to a huge amount of knowledge, regarding other Clans, magic rituals, historical details, etc... Later he also obtained the Ghost Lamp from the princess of the Ravnos Clan.

Divine EssenceEdit

So far Ge Chen has collected 5 Shards of Osiris, 3 from the leader of the Assamites, one from the Queen. The 5th one was held by the body of his late brother Ji Xiu, which was offered to him to act in his time of need as a trump card. He was able to use Ji Xiu's body to heal his own. The strength this gave him was enough to shatter Bone Harp.

A side effect of the shards is they contain both happy and sad memories imprinted onto them from their past holders. Ge Chen has access to fragments of Osiris' memories, and is imprinted with a copy of Ji Xiu existence into him. This makes Ji Xiu self aware within his own mind and two are able to "talk" and even for Ji Xiu to warn him of dangers.



He grew up with Lilla and Fraser, with Lilla forming a crush on him over time.

He attended the same school as his rival in the Toreador Clan and had a brother called Ji Xiu. When they were young, Ge Chen killed his brother after he got infected with Xue Yan.[1]

As a consequence of killing his brother, he struggled to find the ability to smile afterwards and was even teased by Clain about it at a ball.[2]

Kai Lun AcademyEdit

Prior to the storyline, he attended the school Kai Lun Academy and lead a normal life as his class president. He was often chased by the girls in his class and annoyed by Min Xing Yan's sleeping during the day.

One day while relaxing Min Xing Yan was sat at the tree drinking next to him without him realizing it. He falls asleep and then falls over when asked why he was there. Ge Chen falls asleep next to him, when he awakes a cartoon of juice is left for him.

Later when the class try to at a dig at Min Xing Yan for sleeping while Ge Chen was talking again, he ignores him and continues to help the teacher with the test. When he collects the papers at the end, to his surprise Min Xing Yan answered all the questions right despite sleeping throughout.[3]

He is first introduced when Yue Jian's attends his school. He shows no interest in Wu Sha's selection process of where Yue Jian should be seated.[4]

A few days later, a student is killed by a vampire, Yue Jian sees him in the area of the attack.[5]

A day later, he catches a group of male students who have ganged up on Yue Jian after they caught her acting suspicious. He confronts them as they try and pull off her bandage, suspecting her to be the vampire who killed the student. They leave each with a bump on their head.[6]

When An Chou is killed when the vampire strikes again, Yue Jian begins to suspect he is a Vampire as he was seen leaving the scene of the crime.He later protects Yue Jian when Wu Sha tries to put Yue Jian's name forward as a suspect for the Vampire.[7] When Zhen Mi is revealed to be the Vampire and is killed by a joint effort of Yue Jian, Li Tao, Ling Xue Xiao and Lin Xuan Chi, he appears looking over her body.[8]


The silent host of the Summer ball

Ge Chen hosts the Kai Lun Academy summer ball at his forest manor. During the ball, Wu Sha and two of her friends push Yue Jian into a pool. He finds her soaked in water and informs her she was pranked. He secretly gives her a dress to wear.[9]

Later he finds her with Min Xing Yan, when Min Xing Yan starting to loose control over his own body. He begs him to spare her seeing him like this and to take her away.[10] When Ge Chen goes to kill him, Xiao Black protects Min Xing Yan.[11]

The next day he brings Yue Jian telling her he had found her asleep outside, he takes her back to school the next morning.[12] Yue Jian pleads to him several days later to learn the truth about what really happened to her and Min Xing Yan, but he denies all knowledge, only that his guardian told the school he would not be attending anymore.[13]

The End of the Human Hunter OrganisationEdit

When the 4 remaining hunters try and reach the safety of Li Tao's factions secret HQ, he decides to follow them and is temporary held back by a silver cross placed by Lin Xuan Chi.[14] He arrives just in time to snatch the Keys of the Forbidden Sphere seals as Zhao Yan is about to give them to Fan Le Lao.[15]

Yi Sai has a bat familiar assault Ge Chen. Yue Jian manages to free herself from Lin Xuan Chi, who had taken her hostage. Ge Chen grabs her and the pair teleport away. When they are safe, he informs her the Hunter Organisation has been completely wiped out and even her "Uncle" Hue Ge Lin, who attempted to reach foreign aid, is dead. He tells her about the Demon King Set. He reveals that the Human hunters were surrounded by enemies, which led to the creation of her and her sisters,[16] that the Sabbat in turn wish to gain Set's power for their own.

Soon after bringing her up to speed, the Sabbat catches up to her having used his own blood in the The Cup of Blood. This leads him to be forced to fight them despite being outnumbered.[17]

Away from the fight and injured along with Yue Jian, he finally reveals he is the son of the Ventrue Clan leader, a Vampire. He explains to her the clans don't want to see Set resurrected. He explains that his father sealed most of his powers so he could successfully enter Kai Lun Academy. At this point he doesn't have the power to fight the Sabbat. he explains he can unseal himself with her help by drinking her blood.

YueJian injured

with Yue Jian injured Ge Chen has no choice but to retreat

Half an hour later, the Sabbat catch up.[18] This time Ge Chen is able to fight at full strength. While dealing with Fan Le Lao, Yi Sai spies a chance to strike. Protecting him, Yue Jian puts herself in the way of Yi Sai, forcing Ge Chen to retreat.[19]

The Gathering of the Sacred WeaponsEdit

Back at his clans HQ, Yue Jian recovers from her injury. Ge Chen is later revealled to have had some trouble with the staff who mistook some of his behaviours during this time trying to keep her a secret.[20]

Lilla and Fraser start a fight with their clans sacred weapons Poison Bottle and The Staff. He tells Yue Jian to ignore the pair as their idiots.

Later he addresses his father on the situation. his father proposes that in order to stop Set returning, it would be best if Ge Chen took the Demon King's powers for himself. He then states the only way to led the Secret clans of the Camarilla to victory is to win the powers and stop the disaster about to hit the world. His father states that the only way to break the curse on the Forbidden Sphere lies in the Ice Coffin Palace at the bottom of the Black Seaaccording to the Corpse Hand. But in turn, the only way to break the seal is with the 7 Sacred Weapons of the Camarillas sevean clans.

His father states that he is falling asleep in the months, and fears that in a years time he will enter eternal sleep. However, in a hundred years time he will awaken. Ge Chen's mother has already entered the long sleep and he doesn't have much time left. He states in a years time he wants Ge Chen to become the leader of the Secret Clans and that the upcoming battles are a true test of Ge Chen and his abilities. When his father smells the scent of a stranger on him, Ge Chen hides that Yue Jian is in the castle, as it is against their rules to have a human in the castle. He informs his father he will leave once he has healed up in a weeks time.

Outside, much to his annoyance Fraser and Lilla have succumbed to the power of each others' clans Sacred Weapons, with Fraser not knowing who he is and where he is and Lilla dancing uncontrollably.[21] In order for them to break out of each curse, Lilla must first drop the Poison Bottles curse so Fraser can break hers. When she refuses Ge Chen refuses to have any involvement with it. He warns them if they continue to fight, he will not take them with him when he leaves in a weeks time which causes them to host a truce.

Back with Yue Jian, he ends up taking her to the showers and getting her a dress. Since his father would be mad if he found her, Ge Chen can't call the maids and has to do everything himself. She joins him outside and states she wants to learn to fight to save her sister Zhao Yan and avenge her father Professor Nan Gong. He agrees but reminds her she has an agreement to allow herself to become his meal any time he wants, as her blood allowed her to take on two Clan Leaders at once.[22]

Ge Chen trains her over the course of the week and they venture back to Kai Lun academy to gather her things. He takes the time to leave Wu Sha as Class president and inform everyone they are leaving for a while. When girls from the dorm spy the pair he drags her side. Inside a cupboard he drinks more of her blood until she faints.[23]

Clan BrujahEdit

The group travels to the airport to go to the first location, the Brujah. On board the airplane, Lilla tries to sit next to Ge Chen but is told to sit in the back and ends up next to Fraser while Yue Jian sits next to him instead. At the hotel, Ge Chen buys an entire floor of the hotel so each member can have their own room.[24]


Ge Chen attempts to show the Brujah authority with help of Lilla and Fraser

Upon arriving at the Brujah's castle, they are attacked by the clans hybrid monsters.[25] Clan Brujah show up after Lilla and Fraser render the monsters unconscious. Ge Chen steps in and stops further conflict after Brujah's leader goes to attack, he shows hi the Corpse Hand and explains the situation and that they need the Torture Axe. Brujah's leader steps down and notes that until their pets are healed, they will not conduct any further business with the group, to which Ge Chen agrees. As insurance, he takes Yue Jian hostage while they do so. Ge Chen insures the others she will be fine, as the Brujah Clan are Vampires of their word.[26]

A day later, they go to collect Yue Jian, only to find both her and Zhui yan are gone andthe two guards watching her were dead. When Brujah accuses taking it as their real reason for being there, Yue Jian appears.[27] She dismisses that she had the soul and the Brujah leader hands over his Axe. Ge Chen suspects she is lying.

Later that night she approaches him claiming there is a problem with her bathroom.[28] She takes both the Corpse Hand and Torture Axe from him and leaves him asleep.


Ge Chen and the others attempt to deal with the Butterfly soul

Half an hour before this, Ge Chen had told them to switch their weapons for fakes, as he suspected what had happened to Yue Jian. When they catch up to her after she fails to destroy the body of Yue Jian, both Fraser and Lilla demand pay back for their earlier humiliation. The 3 vampires attempt to imprison it between them, however it threatens to destroy Yue Jian's body, forcing them to leaving an opening for it to escape through to protect her. Ge hen senses it came from the Malkavian Clan so they would head there next.[29]

Clan MalkavianEdit

The group arrives at an Abandoned stone village where Clan Malkavian is according to the Corpse Hand. Here there is no sense of humanity present at all. After seeing a group of birds disappear they realise there is a protective barrier hiding the clans HQ. Yue Jian uses the flying spell that Ge Chen taught her the day before and the group fly up into the sky. In a nearby wheat field, they spy a large skull sign across it. As Fraser and Lilla try to fly through it, they bash into it and get knocked down. Suddenly they realise that Yue Jian is missing.[27]

After dealing with Yue Jian, they enter the Malkavian HQ and are greeted by its current leader. Later in a hot spring, Fraser and Ge Chen not how strange Dye You is and decide to watch what happens.[30]

Later that night, he follows a trail of origami paper cranes to a pool. Upon looking into it, he is haunted by the image of his brother Ji Xiu, demanding his life be spared and relives the events of his brother's death at his hands. As his trace fades, Dye You is before him.[2] She suddenly craves blood as she effects him with her powers and he fights back. He breaks the Soul Rings ring of skulls. She tries to throw him off by cutting her neck slightly with his sword in an attempt to infect him.

Ge Chen makes the call to force Zhui Yan out of Dye You. It is killed. Afterwards,dye you's father enters and tells them the mistake her just made, as they have now killed Dye You's other self.[31]

After it is explained about Dye You they retire. Ge Chen finds Yue jian and drags her away to bite her. Once bitten he settles down and begins to cry over what happened to Ji Xiu years ago. The pair hug he suddenly realizes himself and excuse himself from her telling her not to pretend non of it happened.[1]

As the group heads off for new territories, Ge Chen sends a message via a familiar back to Brujah Clan to explain what the Zhui Yan spirit was.[32]

Clan NosferatuEdit


The group arrives in Spana City to find the Nosferatu

The group arrives in a dirty city to find the Nosferatu Clan, to which Fraser explains the clans customs. They are attacked by a man on a broom stick, who knocks over Lilla to see her panties. She runs after him. When the chase ends with her bashing into a brick wall, Ge Chen tells her he is likely the leader of the Nosferatu.

A girl appears in trouble. Her parents chase her and she reveals the clans leader, Tukata, has forced her into a position to marry her. A month beforehand, he had attacked her and forced her to marry him and become a vampire. He returns later when she refuses to tell her that if she doesn't her family will receive bad luck. The next day he kept his word and her family were attacked. He gives her 3 days and a wedding gown to make up her mind. He then tells her where to go and tells her that her entire family will become vampires if she refuses.

Fraser questions Tukata's motives, as they break Camarilla rules. Ge Chen then decides that Lilla should take Cana's place.[33]

Lilla wears the wedding dress, though she appears calm on the outside, inside she is angry about her situation. The group arrives at the Nosferatu sewer entrance to their HQ. They are approached b members of the clan, crawling on the ceiling. The carry Lilla off to their HQ.

She unveils she is not Cana to stop his advances and pulls out Poison Bottle. She is stopped by the arrival of the others, and the rest of clan Nosferatu. Ge Chen introduces himself. He is shocked to learn who Lilla is. Ge Chen asks to borrow the Illusion Mirror. He protests when he is pulled up on his breakage of the rules of the Camarilla and comically punched by Lilla when he claims she wanted to marry him. Cana had come the previous day to claim that Lilla was going to propose to him. Cana's parents, who came with them, have disappeared and with them, Illusion Mirror.

Tutaka releases under his actions he gave away their clans location, leading to Illusion Mirror being stolen. The group splits up to find them. When Tukata tries to go with Lilla or Yue Yan, both protest.[34]

The group arrives in time to save Lilla, who is being attacked by Cana and her "parents". Yue Jin's Sui Xi Bing Lin daggers fly towards her and ct the chains. They escape, taking Poison Bottle with them.

The group analyse the situation the situation, with both Illusion Mirror and Poison Bottle taken by Cana, they can only head out to the Toreador Clan before Cana reaches it first.[35]

Clan ToreadorEdit

They arrive at the Toreador's HQ and disguise themselves as students at the academy. Ge Chen and Yue Jian enter the same class as each other. Yue accidentally enters an area only meant for the Student Union, the others enter the area to protect her, only to worsen the situation. They place a wager with the group, that if they win the are allowed to enter the area, but if they loose they shall leave the school at once.[36]

The 4 games that are to be held turn out to be Horseback Riding, Fist Fighting, Archery and Fencing. These events are held once a year on a special occasion to demonstrate the physical capabilities of the students in addition to their aristocrat temperament and training. The winners of each event fight the Student Counsel. They explain they must beat them overall in the events to win the wager. The chance of a draw is dismissed as the students explain the counsel wins every year.[37]

Fraser and Lei Milla later suspect he has concluded that the student council members are part of the Toeador. He is seen comforting Yue Jian when it is clear she will not win her archery match.

He faces off against Clain in the fencing match. During the match, Clain notices that Ge Chen is purposely aim to cut his face. When Clain counters, Ge Chen knocks the sword out of his hand, loosing to Ge Chen. He mocks Ge Chen for taking offence to the idea of Clain touching him in any way.[38]

Later he talks with Ge Chen over borrowing the Devil Doll. He reminds Ge Chen that Devil Doll has its own mind, which Ge Chen notes is why he is talking it over with him. Clain dismisses him and states he is tired from the events of the day and that they will discuss this some other time.

After the meeting, Lilla tells Ge Chen that she wants to steal the Devil Doll, to which she is told not to do so. Fraser explains the Doll will not comply due to its own self-awareness, which is the greatest among the Sacred Weapons.

Alone, Ge Chen an Yue Jian discuss the events of the competition. They are interupted by the news that the Student council have been attacked. They join Lilla and Fraser at the garden. Fraser explains the situation to Ge Chen. Inside, Cana is attacking the Toreador using Illusion Mirror. Lilla gets restless over Cana's presence. They then notice Ai Na is unaffected and realise why Cana stole the Illusion Mirror, as the Devil Doll cannot be effected by the mirrors powers as it has no heart.[39]

They then witness Ai Na and Cana's further encounter, with Cana baking off for the time being. When she is gone Ge Chen reveals himself much to the annoyance of Clain who accuses of him of eavesdropping, the two get at odds with each other. Yue Jian interupts, and the two focus on Cana and her intentions. While they do not know who she is, they do know she is after Ai Na, forcing Clain to coperate with Ge Chen's group.


Part of Clain's plan; dressing up Ge Chen in a girl's uniform

This leads to a plan which involves Ge Chen dressing up in a dress, much to his humiliation and he warns Clain this plan better work or he will kill him. Later the Academy hosts an open night in celebration of their Sports event, an annul occurrence. Cana is able to slip in and snoops out Clain and the Devil Doll. When he attacks the Devil Doll, when Clain leaves her alone, she finds out Ai Na is really Ge Chen in disguise. She pulls out the Mirror and Clain interrupts, only to reveal who she thought was Clain was the Devil Doll under a new guise. A cage lands over her and the pair point their swords at her.[40]

The Followers of SetEdit

Following further the plan set by Clain, Cana is allowed to escape. The group follow her to the hideout of the Follower of Set. They discover Cana's real name of Jalousie, as well as witness first hand the leader of the Followers of Set talking with the Rotting Bracelet. Ge Chen takes note of the claim by the leader about the Rotting Bracklet and how so far it has infected both Dye You and his brother Ji Xiu. After the High Priest discovers the Sacred Weapons, Poison Bottle and Illusion Mirror

Jalousie hands over are fakes, the group realize they are in trouble if discovered and flee. During their escape, the floor collaspes below Yue Jian. [41] They catch up to her later, where she is by the side of someone familiar to her and Ge Chen. Ge Chen denies knowing who the sleeping figure is.

As the group leaves the HQ of the Followers of Set, they find themselves confronting Jalousie and the Hugh Priest. They find themselves attacked by skeletons that rise up from below them, forcing a conflict. The others deal with the hordes of the undead, while Ge Chen deals with the High Priest, Lilla and Fraser go after Jalousie.

Ge Chen demands to know more information on the High Priest, but he denies him. Ge Chen finds himself in a dream-like state looking through the eyes of his brother Ji Xiu as he himself wakes Ji Xiu up.[42]

He witnesses the events leading up to his brothers death at Ge Chen's own hands. At times pleas his voice goes unheard, he realizes he cannot change what has occurred. He also finally understands what happened to his brother to change him forever and re-witnesses their last shared words.

The High Priests voice sounds out, telling him why he purposely let Ge Chen see this. The Priest reveals that the Xue Yan disease needed a trigger. His brother, despite his actions did so only because of a spell the priest cast on his brother and he was not acting out because of the disease. Because he loved his Brother he suppressed the illness and almost broke out of it. It was the first time the Rotting Bracelets disease was suppressed by anyone. The priest states that Ji Xiu let Ge Chen kill him as an at of love towards his brother and at any point he could have easily killed him. He points out how Ge Chen never hesitated about killing his brother either. This leads to the conclusion that Ge Chen was the cause of everything.

Caught inside the Rotting Bracelets trap, Ge Chen begins to give in and waits for death so he can join his brother.[43]

Ge Chen is imprisoned with the spell "Devils Dream Cacoon", to the surprise of the High Priest Yue Jian is able to free him. The group is allowed to teleport away. Away from the conflict, Clain hands over Ai Na and the group departs.

Later on Yue Jian goes to check on Lilla when she comes across Ge Chen. The two talk and part ways for the night, though the talk causes Ge Chen to smile.[44]

The Ice CoffinEdit

Ge Chen and Fraser wait at the edge of the Black Sea for Lilla and Yue Jian, who are late arriving. When the pair appears, Lilla is wearing a bikini and Yue Jian has a oxygen tank. They explain their reasons for the outfits and the tank, while Ge Chen and Fraser explain why they don't need either. Ge Chen tells Yue Jian not to become like Lilla. Lilla tries to force Yue Jian to wear a sexy two thin bikini but fails.

As the approach the gate, Yue Jian begins to react and she casts a spell to open the gate. Yue Jian comes face to face with someone who looks just like her.[45]

She finds herself explaining to Lilla the person is not a clone of herself, however, she is one of a set of triplets. Yue Jian explains that as they approached the Ice Coffin, she felt the the voice of someone guiding her.

Ge Chen begins the ceremony related to the items. He is presented with a note. The note explains how to lift the curse of Osiris on the Forbidden Sphere. Following the instructions, they leave the 7 Sacred Weapons, under the belief they can come back and get them later from the Ice Coffin.

Later as they leave via a train, Ge Chen goes over an issue that bothers him about the situation. Corpse Hand had told him the 7 Sacred Weapons were the "key" to obtaining the power, but not the "price" to obtain it. He asks Fraser more about the incantation itself they obtained and Fraser has concerns about the way it is written.

Yue Jian then reveals she felt that the woman in the Ice Coffin looked like her sister Xi Yan. When Ge Chen pulls the note about the curse out it is blank. The 4 jump off the train as Ge Chen realizes the Sabbat tricked tem.[46]

The group arrives in the woods near the Black Sea, Fraser figures it might be too late. Ge Chen states the road is the only way out and if they are lucky they can catch them before they escape. However, he notes they may also figure out they would come back which means they could be heading into a trap. They are then attacked by the Sabbat.

As the fight goes on, Yue Jian spots her sister and goes after her. Ge Chen spots this and prevents her from chasing her. As they fight they begin to realise their not actually fighting back and the group walks into the trap. They make their counter escape and Yue Jian calls out to her sister who finally turns around. There is a large explosion and the group retreats.

The Forbidden SphereEdit

Back at the Ventrue Clan castle, Ge Chen reflects on his position of leadership. Fraser and Lilla report that Yue Jian wants to be alone. Ge Chen goes to check on her and notices her eyes are puffy from crying. She states she wishes to go into the Forbidden Sphere.[47]

Ge Chen gives her a pill that makes her invisible to Vampires by hiding her scent. He tells her not to take the Sacred Weapons as she will never make it out. Instead she must stay with the Sabbat in Secret until the Luna Eclipse event occurs, and the Forbidden Sphere event can begin.[48]

He appears before his father to address the situation. As he claims responsibility for the loss of the Sacred Weapons, his father pats him on the shoulder and tells him to not worry about it. Though their weapons are gone, they still have the Devil Keys. In the process of gathering up more of a force to tackle the approaching time of the Forbidden Sphere, he wishes to learn more powerful Ventrue Clan magics.

Later he tells Lilla and Fraser his father has agreed to the plan. At this point, Yue Jian has already left. Fraser is surprised that Lilla is concerned for her, but Lilla notes what she is doing is dangerous.

In private, the cat Xiao Black is revealed to be in Ge chen's procession. He scratches Ge Chen when he goes to touch him. Ge Chen remembers the night that Xiao Black protected Min Xing Yan from Ge Chen's sword and wonders if Yue Jian should have been allowed to be reunited with the cat before she left.[11]

They meet the Sabbat at the cemetery where the door to the Forbidden Sphere lies and a fight presumes.[49] During the fight he squares off against Fan Le Lao. After the plan involving Yue Jian come to fruition, Ge chen calls a truce until they enter the Forbidden Sphere, as fighting now achieves nothing, to which Fan Le Lao agrees. The Luna Eclipse occurs, the Devil Doll sets off the Sacred Weapons to summon the door and the door is revealed. Ge Chen uses the the Key to open the door.[48]

The Sabbat and Camarilla stand before the seal holding Set's power within. The rules are explained on how to get the power held within. Fan Le Lao begins the first strike and attacks Ge Chen. Ge Chen strkes back, but Fan Le Lao defends himself with a shield spell.

A loud explosion catches their attention, they turn to see Set himself has appeared to reclaim his power. Lilla tries to warn Ge Chen as Set strikes him, he strikes back trying to teleport Set away. Ge Chen is goes down on one knee and is showing his wounds.[50]

Ceasing a oppotunity to get to him moment, Yue Jian rushes to Ge Chen's side. He refuses to drink her blood, she forces him to take it.[51]

Fan Le Lao uses the command spell to force Zhao Yan to give him blood to fight with. As he bites her, he finds she has little blood inside her and begins to strip her dress to bite her dry, but is attacked by Ge Chen who is with Yue Jian. He commands Zhao Yan to attack.

He, Fraser and Yue Jian suddenly witness Set strike Lilla, who attempted to use the poison of Poison Bottle to bring him down using her own body as a sacrifice. [52]

As the fight ends, Ge Chen is left with none of Set's power. Set goes to pick up Yue Jian to which Ge Chen is helpless. Set points out that he sacrificed the chance to gain his power by worrying about others and leaves with her. Ge Chen tries to reach out, but cannot do anything to stop him.[53]

The AftermathEdit

With the battle over and the Camarilla having lost, they retreat empty handed. A few weeks later at the Ventrue Castle, Fraser tells Ge Chen Lilla is no longer in danger. Her body is still feeling side effects from her defeat at Forbidden Sphere.[53]

He announces to his father he is gathering the leaders for a meeting tomorrow. He is able to confirm the location of several pieces of the Shard of Osiris. One is notably underground. The situation determines that more Camarilla Princes will have to be dispatched and their elders will end up taking over leadership for now. His father notes in regards to the hidden shard underground, this is for Ge Chen himself to decide.

Ge Chen descends into an underground chamber where he finds the body of Ji Xiu chained up. though he died Ji Xiu's body continued to age, as it turned out he had a shard. Normally when a body a Shard is attached dies, the shards break off. For his body to continue to live past death, it meant the body was a Shard itself. Who Ji Xiu had been in life meant nothing as his body was now only a source of power for Ge Chen to use as a trump card.

As Ge Chen takes the body for its power, the spirit of Ji Xiu confronts him, glad that Ge Chen has finally come for him. Ji Xiu, loving hi brother tells him there is no need for him to feel sorry over the past and despite Ge Chen being reluctant to use him, Ji Xiu was happy that they would be together again.[54]

He appears with the other Camarilla clan leaders for a meeting a day later.[53]

Ge Chen listens as the Leaders discuss the loss of their Sacred Weapons and has to tell Fraser to back down as the Brujah Clan is clearly not happy with how things turned out. To ease the other leaders, he claims full responsibility for what happened.

He turns the attention of the Leaders to the Fragments of Osiris, which have become active now Set's power is awakened. However, the path they must take to retrieve them will take them into the territories of Giovanni Clan, Assamite Clan and the Ravnos Clan. Ge Chen states he wishes to lead a mission into their territories. Tukata brings up Yue Jian, which causes the Brujah leader to question their going after a human female and Ge Chen explains about her Mei Yue Yin.[55]

Hethen sets off to lead a group of the Camarilla to find the Fragments.

The Insect NestEdit

Their first arrival is at a forest which is oddly quiet. Fraser is left dragging You Te, whose fear of insects has left him helpless with fear. He is distracted by several members of the group who are playing up, Ge Chen silences their antics and notes they don't have time to fool around.

You Te calls out and faints. The group is then attacked by a swam of giant insects..[56]

The Camarilla leaders stand before the origin of the insects. It is noted the Fragment of Osiris must be inside the nest. You Te, being the Gangrel leader is the only one who could likely damage the nest revealing the Queen, however he cowers in fear. As they berate him and how the older Gangrel leader would be ashamed of him, he points to the approaching swarm and the group finds themselves fighting the mutant bugs.

Noting how they cannot fight the bugs as there are too many of them, Dye You tricks You Te into fighting by showing him an image of Lilla being stabbed by a insect. You Te unleashes his Bast Blood and attacks at last. The queen insect finally comes out. The Queen is killed by Ge Chen who had turned to look at Dye You's illusion and saw Yue Jian in trouble. The Fagment is then his for the taking.

You Te confronts Dye You over her illusion. Ge Chen silences the group again and states their next destination is Neutral Clan territory.[57]

The Assamite ClanEdit

Before arriving in Assamite Clan territory, Ge Chen remembers finding Yue Jian's dairy and explaining how Vampires don't miss humans. He however, is missing her right now. Dye You guesses he is thinking about her.

The pair discuss the role of being leader, with Ge Chen feeling he shouldn't have been the Camarilla leader and how Ji Xiu would have been better, while Dye You notes how Yue Jian needs to grow up and stop relying on others to protect her. Both acknowledge that leaders face choices and sacrifices. She asks if the time comes, will Ge Chen make the choice between the Camarilla or Yue Jian, he claims he knows what he is doing. Dye You notes the pains of having half a soul and how it impacts her both good and bad.

Their conversation is overheard by You Te.[58]

The group arrive in the Assamite's city, unable to use Corpse Hand due to the crowded streets, they wonder what they should do. The local populace notices how different they are to the people of the city and begin trying to sell stuff to them. Ge Chen faces a girl trying to sell feminine hair products to Clain, who the locals mistake for a female due to his appearance. They are then set upon by a girl selling apples.

They are saved by Dora, member of the Assamite Clan, who points out their skin and clothes don't match the locale and the market sellers are picking them out on purpose for this reason. Upon seeing Ge Chen, she takes to him immediately and singles him out, saying she will kidnap him to be her husband. She then decides to bring the group with her.

She states that her brother Adnan is the owner of the city and will prepare their stay in the palace for them. The group splits between men and women. They are taken to chnge their clothes to something more fitting with the locals style.

In the changing rooms, the men (minus Clain who was mistakenly put in with the girls) discuss the situation and suspect already Dora is a member of the local Vampire Clan. Since they are a clan of assassins, the fact they are making themselves so noticeable is troubling. They figure out that there may be a Fragment of Osiris involved. They decide to see how things play out.

Adnan greets the group as Dora's brother and welcomes the group to the city. They are watched by another member of the Assamites.[59]

Alone, Ge Chen, Fraser and Clain talk about the Assamite ceremony that they are planning for the group and are suspicious about it. Clain protests to Ge Chen over wearing female clothes and claims it is revenge for the night the dealt with Cana and Ge Chen was forced to wear female clothes.[60]

Alone, Ge Chen consults the Corpse Hand to find out how Yue Jian is doing. The Hand warns him that he can't do anything he sees despite how much she is being tortured. He walks through the door the Hand presents him and see her being attacked by creatures, begging them to stop.[61]

She finally collapses and is healed by Set, she tries to appeal to Min Xing Yan again, but he insists it won't work. He states if she co-operates when Isis has her body he will consider sparing her friends. She cries alone, Ge Chen is unable to comfort her but using his blood manages to leave a message to wait for him.

Back in his own room, the Corpse Hand warns him he should not do her this much favou if he loves her, as he is cursed to sacrifice his lover. Ge Chen is unable to accept the destiny presented before him.

He goes out his room to see You Te and Dye You talking, with You Te trying to consult Dye You on his struggles and make her happy. Both are unaware he is watching them. After they are finished, You Te is pulled aside as Ge Chen has a plan to counter the Assamite's attack.[62]

He instructs him secretly to go to Ai na and let the Devil Doll suck his blood to take his form. Once she has his form, she uses a fake body to hide that she is disguised as him while You Te sneeks out in bat form without anyone noticing. Once at the main gate he switches back and attacks the guards. He attacks them, making them believe it was the local Gangrel's behind the assault.[54]

The next morning Adnan greets the Camarilla and talks about an attack that occurred while the were asleep. The Camarilla offer to aid them. Dora grabs Ge Chen, Adnan encourages him to go with her an to spend time together. They work together in preparation for the up coming ceremony.

At the end of the day they venture into the city. They encounter the girl who tried to sell apples the previous day selling flowers. Dora buys a flower for Ge Chen but he puts it in her hair. Dora is embarrassed by this. She sees him off and returns to Adnan.

Their plan is going accordingly and Dora's real brother is preparing for the upcoming ceremony. Dora states she has Ge Chen under a magic spell but if she uses too much it will backfire. She notes he may love another and it is hard to get through to him. Adnan says so long as she can win him over it will be fine.

Ge Chen is approached by Fraser and Clain who are concerned he is getting too close to Dora.Ge Chen states he has already figured out their goal is to get to himself. He explains the Assamate Clan has always been hated and that the local Gangrel Clan are not comfortable with the current leader. You Te has already confirmed the local Gangrels are preparing for a fight. They bring up Yue Jian, he states she is only human but he will save her, and is left remembering about his destiny to sacrifice her.

He comes to the conclusion that it is time to let her go and will choose another woman over her to protect her.

Later they attend a feast hosted by Adnan and Ge Chen dances with Dora. As the pair go to kiss they are attacked by raiders. During the attack he protects Dora from the assailants leader. Once the attack is over the others go to heal up leaving Ge Chen, Adnan and Dora alone.

They introduce each other formerly as leaders, and Ge Chen offers the proposition for the Assamite Clan to join the Camarilla. This would cause the local Gangrel Clan to back off. Adnan proposes that Ge Chen marries Dora to confirm the trust between their clans.[63]

The CeremonyEdit

Ge Chen is reluctant to agree to Adnan's terms and consults Corpse Hand. It reveals the attackers were Remnants of the Demon Hunter's Organisation who are looking for the fragments of Osiris. He reveals the group also sent members to attack the Sabbat. He shows an image of the events going on with them right now, Adnan is shocked by the Sabbat leader being a woman. Adnan comments on the power of the Corpse Hand and Ge Chen notes that it has indeed become more powerful since the battle of Forbidden Sphere, he wonders if it has something to do with Yue Jian.

Ge Chen agrees to marry Dora.

Dora sees Ge Chen to his room and Ge Chen grabs her and puts her on his bed. He states she is already his and already has worked out why she came with him. The two settle together for the night to sleep together, unaware Dye You is aware of what they are up to.[64]

Several days later, Dora wakes off to find Ge Chen heading off and complains he always gets up too early. She comments that while he is calm and serious, when they sleep together he is a very different person, but he comments she is the one who likes it that way. He leaves to talk to Adnan.

Ge Chen listens in as the report that 20 shops have been targeted by men in suits and 50 citizens injured but so far no fatalities have occurred. The news comes that not one of them have not been captured as their attacks are too quick and random like wild beasts. Adnan states they should focus on the festival, as it is the day that Ge Chen marries Dora.

3 days later the festival begins.

Ge Chen is handed over his bride to be, and the two two upon elephant back in the streets of the city. During the ride, Dora informs him of the ceremony that is part of the Assamite tradition which involves a sacrifice.

They marry. Lifting off the veil covering her head, he pictures himself marrying Yue Jian instead.

It soon becomes apparent during the ceremony later that evening what the clan members were up to. During the Holy Dinner sacrifice, Dora's real brother nominates Ge Chen in a fight to becoming the clans sacrifice in his stead, as in becoming Dora's husband he became part of the Assamite Clan allowing him to be challenged. Ge Chen accepts the fight and the two begin to brawl. Ge Chen soon notes the Assaite's power is likely from a Fracture, but is unable to do anything to fight back. He receives a punch through the chest before he can draw out his sword.[65]

Ge Chen dies defeated on the ground and decides to activate Ji Xiu's power. With Ji Xiu's strength flowing through him he stands up, sword drawn ready to fight again, much to the surprise of Dora's brother.

As he begins to fight back, the Assamite pulls out the power of Bone Harp, creating a exoskeleton of bone. As his sword makes contact with Bone Harp, his head hurts and he is paralyzed, allowing the Assamite to strike back. As the sound is the source of the problem, Ge Chen bursts his own ear drums to avoid the armours sounds hurting him again.

As the pair face off, Ge Chen defends himself and puts the sword through Bone Harp, breaking it. With the defeat of the Scarifice and leader of the Assamites, he asks Adnan is the victory is okay and claims 3 shards, the source of the leaders confidence and power.

He returns to Dora, who plays innocent again. As Dora hugs him, she goes to stab him in the back, onl for You Te to finally show up and their plan to end, revealing just as the Assamites were tricking the Camarilla, the Camarilla was tricking them.

When Dora confronts him using her powers of charm, Ge Chen puts the marriage down to the power of Spirit Ring.

She finally gives up, as she has lost a great deal tonight including her brother. Ge Chen reveals although it was a fatal wound, her brother can still recover if he wishes. Dora notes his merciful side and decided not to talk when he asks her to tell him who took out their Assaination contract on him. She also notes that she knows he has a girl he can't be with, and that she is still free for him to be with her. Ge Chen responses by saying that tomorrow there will be a report that assailants broke into the palace and killed the Princess.

Ge Chen's eyes glow red and he warns her he currently has many reasons for killing her and not to test his patience. He states he can have any woman but the one he loves, but that woman will never be her. He also notes she is in no position to argue terms as he has the hand on if the Assamite clan lives or dies at this point. He also warns her any scheme as retaliation will be met with the whole of the Camarilla leaders.

On the train heading out, the group discuss the events. He discusses how the Assamite leader came into possession of 3 Shards, given to him by a man who calls himself "God". Dye You wonders if its related to someone known a God Disciple, the Blood Hunter. Ge Chen is not bothered if news of his marriage to Dora are known, as it can be put down to a rumour avoiding an elder concerning themselves with an unauthorized marriage.

Ge Chen wonders if his fate is also to resist his own destiny.[54]

Ravnos Clan Edit

When arriving to the terrority of the Ravnos Clan, they only see endless desert when Fraser notices a city, which first they regard as a mirage. They are careful as the Ravnos is capable of strong illusions. Not even You Te senses anyone nearby. So they decide to rest there.

Dye You asks about the man who tried to have them killed. Ge Chen ponders about it, and comes on the conclusion that it was Osiris. He knows that he reincarnated at the earliest, but doesn't really knows much about him, since the Corpse Hand doesn't have much information from him. He has memoris from the fragments of his power, but they are happy and warm - which he consideres as Ji Xiu's effect.

Ji Xiu tries to warn him not t fell asleep, but fails.

Ge Chen wakes up in a clearing with Yue Jian. He knows that it's a dream. When Yue Jian bends down, her breast can be clearly seen. He gets named to be a pervert, as this dream is based on his consciousness. He knows that it is not the true Yue Jian. The illusion is not trying to deny it. Stating that Ge Chen intruded in their terrority, the Ravnos Clan will test its best device on himt happens - the Dream World. They are curious wether he can awaken or not, and he can meet with Yue Jian's consciousness, when she gets asleep[66].

Ge Chen considers this as an opportunity to check on Yue Jian. She is soon takes over the illusion. She seems really despirited and broken, which makes Ge Chen worried. He reassures her that he will never ignore her, no matter what. He can do nothing else, but hugs her, and let her cry on his shoulder.

In the reality, his sleeping form is approached by blury figures.[67]

Yue Jian speaks about her current state of mind - she is tormented by that she is forced to kill, and she is in deep conflict about herself. Ge Chen can't really give a satisfying answer, but tells her that drinking blood was inevitable for her, and that she should remember those she killed and think about them as those who give her power. He is on the opinion that they will both hace the strength to face their enemy. He tries to inquire about how she sees him but he doesn't get the answer he hoped. He informs her that they are trapped within a Dream World created by the Ravnos Clan. He wants to exchange information with her then escape.[68]

Trivia Edit

  • In a poll that was made for the 100th chapter he was ranked in 4th place (2nd most popular male character in the manhua).
  • His date of birth is 18th of July.
  • Ji Xiu's body being passed into Ge Chen is likely a nod to the popular technique of Diablerie from Vampire: the Masquerade, of which Vampire Sphere has drawn many of its inspirations from. It is a technique in VtM wherein one vampire drains the blood of another and in the process, their soul is drained from them. It has often been used as a popular story telling technique, though is used to gain power in VtM, it leaves both souls fully capable of controlling the same body.
  • Even though it is not a standard power in his Clan, he shows signs of Auspex - the ability to see through others, sense hidden ill intents and the plans of others.


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