Dye You (黛幽, Dài yōu) is the current leader of the Malkavian Clan.


Dye You is a young girl. Due to her pale completion, long white hair and red eyes, her appearance resembles that of an Albino. Due to her inability to show emotion thanks to events that have occurred in her lifetime, she often has a cold expression much like Ge Chen. She often wears Japanese Kimono clothing or clothing based on the style.

When she was younger, she was a very happy child who was often smiled.


Considered strange by others, she is a broken Vampire whose soul has been split into two. The remaining half is her good nature while the bad half is the Zhui Yan Butterfly Soul. With the absence of it, she feels her soul tormented and aching every night, longing to be reunited with what she has lost.

She carries the loss for some time after the events, and they leave her with troubles dealing with emotions. Eventually she finds a kindred spirit in You Te, who himself notes his struggles and fight, having to deal with his raise to power in the Gangrel Clan and dealing with their own clans desire for freedom plaguing his own heart. He is the first person to make her smile after the events with Zhui Yan.



Dye You with the Soul ring active

She has similar powers to the standard Vampires, as Clan Leader she commands the other Malkavians and biting others creates more Vampires of her bloodline. She can trace the presence of Zhui Yan and seek it out.

As a youth she was a talented summoner and can control souls, a specialty of their clan. However, half her power was lost to Zhui Yan when it was expelled from her.

She has the ability to peer into the innermost thoughts of a person and can make use of the Spirit Ring. When she uses her "Soul Ring" technique, she is surrounded by a ring of skulls on a rope.



As a child she had displayed talent in summoning spells and her father had high hopes for her to succeed him. This changed at a festival when she was offered a lantern by a stranger. She was taken back by his appearance, after innocently being rude about it the man infected her with the power of the Rotting Bracelet.


Before her father's eyes, Dye You became a girl he no longer recognized...

For one week after the incident she was bed ridding with a strange illness. After that initial week every night she would transform into her vampire form and go out. She would hunt for blood and kill innocents. Her father found out the illness that struck her was Xue Yan. This created a devil side of her. Knowing that if the other Camarilla vampire found out about her actions, he expelled the dark side of her. But in the process of ridding her from it, so with it went half her power.

With half her soul gone, she suffered eternal pain, longing for the day to be reunited with it, despite its nature, to the point her heart feels like it is breaking.[1]

The Return of Zhui YanEdit

When Ge Chen, Lilla, Fraser and Yue Jian arrive at her clans HQ, she finds Yue Jian and peers into her inner most thoughts. She then senses Zhui Yan on her and goes to find it.

She is later introduced to them by her father once they are greeted by him after entering the building. She tells them she will consider handing over the Spirit Ring as requested, but asks the group to first rest. She then leaves them.[2]

later she leads Ge Chen to a pool where she taps into his innermost thoughts.[3] As he fights back, she cuts herself after activating his thirst for blood and tempts him with her own to throw him off and infect him with Poison blood. As the others arrive to save Ge Chen, she spies Lilla leaving herself open and goes for her.[4]

Ge Chen makes the call to force Zhui Yan out of Dye You. It is killed. Afterwards,dye you's father enters and tells them the mistake her just made, as they have now killed Dye You's other self.[5] With it gone, Dye you is doomed to feel her heart break every night and never be able to feel complete.[6]

She wakes up later feeling the loss of Zhui Yan. Nunu greets her and is told to transform into its true form, a dog. She focuses on the one who killed Zhui Yan, Ge Chen.[7]

The Camarilla MeetingEdit

She later appears with the other Camarilla clan leaders for a meeting after the events of Forbidden Sphere a few weeks after the battle.[8]

During the meeting, Dai You backs You Te and agrees the loss of the Sacred weapons is not worth worrying about right now. Her concern is on Set.[9]

She later joins the group on the search for the Fragments of Osiris.

The Insect NestEdit

Their first arrival is at a forest which is oddly quiet.

You Te calls out and faints. The group is then attacked by a swam of giant insects..[10]

Camarilla leaders stand before the origin of the insects. It is noted the Fragment of Osiris must be inside the nest. You Te, being the Gangrel leader is the only one who could likely damage the nest revealing the Queen, however he cowers in fear. The swarm attacks.


Dye You casts an illusion with the Spirit Ring

Noting how they cannot fight the bugs as there are too many of them, Dye You tricks You Te with the Spirit Ring into fighting by showing him an image of Lilla being stabbed by a insect. You Te unleashes his Beast Blood and attacks at last. The queen insect finally comes out. The Queen is killed by Ge Chen who had turned to look at Dye You's illusion and saw Yue Jian in trouble. The Fragment is then his for the taking.

You Te confronts Dye You over her illusion. Ge Chen silences the group again and states their next destination is Neutral Clan territory.[11]

The Assamite ClanEdit

Ge Chen and Dye you discuss the role of being leader. Ge Chen feels he shouldn't have been the Camarilla leader and how Ji Xiu would have been better, while Dye You notes how Yue Jian needs to grow up and stop relying on others to protect her. Both acknowledge that leaders face choices and sacrifices. She asks if the time comes, will Ge Chen make the choice between the Camarilla or Yue Jian, he claims he knows what he is doing. Dye You notes the pains of having half a soul and how it impacts her both good and bad.

Their conversation is overheard by You Te.[12]

The group arrive in the Assamite's city, unable to use Corpse Hand due to the crowded streets, they wonder what they should do. The local populace notices how different they are to the people of the city and begin trying to sell stuff to them.

They are saved by Dora, member of the Assamite Clan, who points out their skin and clothes don't match the locale and the market sellers are picking them out on purpose for this reason. Upon seeing Ge Chen, she takes to him immediately and singles him out, saying she will kidnap him to be her husband. She then decides to bring the group with her.


The Arabic beauty

She states that her brother Adnan is the owner of the city and will prepare their stay in the palace for them. The group splits between men and women. They are taken to change their clothes to something more fitting with the locals style.

Adnan greets the group as Dora's brother and welcomes the group to the city. They are watched by another member of the Assamites.[13]

He finally manages to catch up to Dye You as she leaves the showers. The pair talk and he tries to cheer her up by talking about his own past struggles growing up. Attempting to make her laugh, he results to tickling her, but her towel falls off her body. Embarrassed he freaks out and transforms, Dye You finally laughs.

Ge Chen, who has been there the whole time, pulls You Te aside.[14]

As time progresses and Ge Chen hangs out with Dora more, the group begins to fear worried about whats going on. Adnan later hosts a feast that night, during which they are attacked. Afterwards, Ge Chen sends his friends away to heal and recover.[15]

The CeremonyEdit

Dye You later spies on Ge Chen and Dora as the two share a bed for the night.[16]

She listens in as the report that 20 shops have been targeted by men in suits and 50 citizens injured but so far no fatalities have occurred. The news comes that not one of them have not been captured as their attacks are too quick and random like wild beasts. Adnan states they should focus on the festival, as it is the day that Ge Chen marries Dora.

3 days later the festival begins.

The leaders of the Camarilla, except Ge Chen, wonder the festival as crowds gather. Fraser notes how he is happy they are finally out of the palace, while Clain notes it is because their no longer important. He continues to explain the Assamite have want they wanted. Furthermore, Ai Na has not recovered from the attack on the palace a nuber of days ago an is still in her dormant form. He believes that they are holding her hostage.

The group turns their attention to Ge Chen's marriage to Dora. Clain brags that You Te and himself are the only two who are likely to marry while Dye You and Fraser will likely be single forever. This causes a fight between the 3 men while Dye You just watches.[17]

Ravnos Clan Edit

When arriving to the terrority of the Ravnos Clan, they only see endless desert when Fraser notices a city, which first they regard as a mirage. They are careful as the Ravnos is capable of strong illusions. Not even You Te senses anyone nearby. So they decide to rest there.

Dye You asks about the man who tried to have them killed. Ge Chen ponders about it, and comes on the conclusion that it was Osiris. He knows that he reincarnated at the earliest, but doesn't really knows much about him, since the Corpse Hand doesn't have much information from him.[18]

At some point she must have fell asleep to. In the Dream World she meets with her crazy and deranged self.[19] "Her other self" calls her a seflish person and thinks that she is really lowly while parading to be high. She wants her to fall with her. You Te kicks back the her created by the Dream World.[20]


  • In China, while nowhere as popular as any of the 3 Nan Gong sisters, she is quite popular compared to other females within the storyline.[21]


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