Chapter 24 is the twenty-fourth chapter of Vampire Sphere.

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Zhao Yan notices that something is amiss, and drops the cup. Fan Le Lao takes back his human shape, and taunts her over what happened between them. Yue Jian is still worried about Min Xing Yan, and when she hears her classmates gossip about him, she gathers some information from them. According to them, Min Xing Yan tried to commit suicide, and was admitted to the Hu Kang Hospital. There she is informed that he was transported to another place. She goes to Ge Chen, and begs him to reveal what happened that night. Ge Chen tells her that Min Xing Yan will not come there anymore. He gets accused by her for hiding things, but he is unwilling to reveal them. He leaves her standing in the rain. She thinks about how she can't keep those who matter to her, when someone touches her shoulder.

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Zhao Yan senses that something is wrong, and drops the cup. It shatters, and Fan Le Lao transforms back to his human form. He thanks her the kiss, claiming it was their first kiss and he will enjoy this slowly. He then leaves the enraged Zhao Yan.

A few days have passed for Yue Jian. Min Xing Yan still hasn't come to the Academy. She thinks that her intuition was right, when she overhears her classmates talking about him.They claimed that he tried to commit suicide by jumping out of his room. She questions them about this, but they can't give her much information beside that he was sent to the Hu Kang Hospital.

She goes to the hospital, and starts searching through the rooms, looking for him. One of the nurses notices her, and asks about her matters. Yue Jian tells her whom she is looking for. The nurse reveals that he indeed was there, but he got transfered to somewhere else. She didn't know where.

Yue Jian then goes straight to Ge Chen. She begs him for information on Min Xing Yan. He tells her that Min Xing Yan's guardian called the school on phone and told them that Min Xing Yan will not be coming to there anymore. Yue Jian corrects her question - she wants to know, what happened on the night at the ball. His answer is the same as back then - he found her and carried her to a room.

He is about to leave when she grabs his hand. She is sure that Ge Chen is hiding something from her. She questions him about what happened. Ge Chen asks back whether Min Xing Yan is important to her. He says it is laughable and if he is hiding something, he will not reveal it. He shakes off her hands and leave her behind in the rain.

Yue Jian stays there, in the rain, crying, and thinking about why everyone leaves her, when someone touches her shoulder.