Chapter 22 is the twenty-second chapter of Vampire Sphere.

Summary Edit

On the ball the students are overwhelmed. Everything is extravagant. Only Yue Jian is not wearing a dress. Wu Sha and her friends decides to prank her and they thrust her into the pool. With wet clothes she is looking for a place she can dry them, when Ge Chen drags her to a room. She orders her to change - a dress is waiting for her - and scolds her for letting others play jokes on her and for not wearing a proper dress. She changes and leaves the bondages behind. She finds Min Xing Yan, who is wearing a white suit. he is shocked at her appearance. They dance and chat. He asks a favour from her - he wants her to remember him.

Description Edit

The student find the ball exciting, and girls fall in love with good-looking Ge Chen. Yue Jian didn't take on a dress, and those who notice her sneer at her sight. Wu Sha and her friends decide to plan a prank on her. One of them tells her that she saw Min Xing Yan near the pools. When she goes there, they push her into the water.

Her clothes are wet and she is looking for a place where she can dry them, when someone grabs her hand and drags her into a room. The man is Ge Chen. He scolds her for letting them play a prank on her, and tell her to change - there is a dress lying on the bed. He leaves while warning her that next time she should wear a dress.

She takes on the white dress, but she can't wear the wet bondages. She finds herself strange dressed like that. She aiming for a silent place. She stops when she arrives to a bench - Min XIng Yan is sitting on it, wearing a white suit. He is shocked at her sight and asks about her face. She explains that it was injured but now it is healing properly. He praises her beauty. They sit in silence.

She asks if it won't be a problem for him is he is late at home. His answer is that til midnight it won't. But he is really happy since he could see her in full glory. He asks her to dance. During dance he asks a favour from her. He wants her to remember him. Yue Jian finds the request strange. He explains that he come to this world in a hurry and his life is full of mystery. His fate can't be controlled by him, so he wants someone to remeber that there lived once someone named Min Xing Yan.

As they dance, the time is closing to midnight.