Bone Harp (骨琴, Gǔ qín) is the Sacred Weapon of the Assamite Clan.


Despite its name containing "harp", it is not a music related instrument. Bone Harp can change shape and actually act as an exoskeleton that acts both as an armour to protect the user and a physical enhancer. The Bone harp emits a soundrendering others paralyzed in agony as it impacts the head of an attacker who comes into contact with it. It is possible to combat the sound by blocking out the noise for example with the shattering of the ear drums. The Bone Harp is able to protect from most attacks, save from the strongest like those with a shard of Osiris powering their strike.

Its fate after being broken by Ge Chen's sword strike is unknown.


  • Though both "骨" is read as "bone" and "琴" as "harp", together as "骨琴" they can be translated to "skeleton", which forms the basis of the weapons exoskeleton power.

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