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Angel Emfrbl Angel Emfrbl 13 March 2018


So the Sabbat and Camarilla meet up again.

And it looks like the sisters relationship is getting worst...

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Angel Emfrbl Angel Emfrbl 18 October 2017

A fun project for next year

Since VS is borrowing a lot of elements from VtM, I decided next year to have some "fun".

There will be a wikia page added to recreate the "VS" storyline within VtM's rules via a campaign so VS could be played by VtM players and VS fans.

It will not be a serious part of VtM and VS and will be set up for fun. ;-)

Edit: Also note, though I will set up a lot of this, editors should feel free toad their own versions of things. My initial set ups will be classified as "examples" for other editors to follow. ;-

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