An Chou (安玖, Ān jiǔ) is a female student at Kai Lun Academy. She is in the same dorm as Yue Jian, Wu Sha, Zhen Mi and Li Tao.


She is first seen when Wu Sha attempts to force Yue Jian's room to be inspected by Xiao Ai. Li Tao makes her vote against the room inspection by telling her that she won't lend her comics anymore if she votes against Yue Jian.[1]

Later that night she is meant to meet with Yue Jian, Zhen Mi and Li Mao. When she fails to show they go to find her. Yue Jian finds her dead, having been another vampire to the Vampire that had been attacking students recently. An Chou in her final moment had attempted to write the name of the Vampire who attacked her, however, the mark was incomplete and erased before anyone by Yue Jian could see it, leaving her guessing as to what An Chou was attempting to write.[2]

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