Ada (艾达, Ài dá) is a Demon Hunter leader and one of the remnants of the group that remained after they were wiped out by the Sabbat.


When she was younger she was known to be playful just like Xi Yan. She used to love to smile.

Later she is fueled by revenge purely and loathes the Nam Gong sisters. She believed the Hunter Organisation was of pure intentions and was unaware of any of its darker secrets. This causes her to join the group, naively believing of its good intentions against all Vampires and then to be left broken spirited when the truth was revealed.


She fights with a pair of Jitte.



Her brother Yi Shen often brought her to Sheng Pei Ren and introduced her to Zhao Yan and Xi Yan. She stated she wanted to become a baker, rather then join the organisation when her brother asked.


After her brother was killed by the Sabbat she joined the hunter group to get revenge on all Vampires. She was given orders to capture the Mei Yue Yin sisters Zhao Yan and Yue Jian and lead one of the remaining fragments of the Hunter's organisation. She was handed a stone by a mysterious person that would lead her to them.

When the sisters presented themselves, she decided to try and kill Xi Yan. Failing this, she retreated.[1]

Eventually, she returns to HQ, which is founded within a church building. When the Sabbat raid it, the church is destroyed and various members, including herself were captured.[2]

When questions by Zhao Yan, it is revealed that despite despising all Vampires and traitors, she had been likely given a stone by a member of the vampire clan Giovanni, leaving Ada to question her own reasoning behind the organisation.

By the time Zhao Yan is finished talking, Ada angrily grabs a bottle and tries to hit her with it. Since Ada's only reason for hunting the sisters was revenge for her brother, Zhao Yan respects her and sits with her back turned to her so Ada can hit her with the bottle. Eventually, the bottle is smashed by Ada and she cuts her throat with the Jagger edges, committing suicide in the process. Her final words are to seek out a fortune teller.[3]


  • When she is captured and questioned by Zhao Yan, bite marks are seen on her. If this is true, she would have been on the process to becoming a Vampire herself, how far she was from fully becoming a vampire would have been unknown.

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