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Angel Emfrbl
• 8/23/2017

Vampire sphere

What i Iove about vampire sphere is the art work (full color). The characters are amazing (handsome and pretty). All characters have their own unique personality.

Because it's a little confused at first, so i read the manga twice. During my second reading, i slowly understand the storylines. The characters had their own dark matter to deal with. They don't even know what the future might be. Trying to survive at the end, deal with war and all conflicts, they actually desperate to live in peace and live with the love one, to end the dark side inherited through the generation. I think their destiny is to release the darkside tie in them and untie the darkness envelop them.

Romance side / ending - i hope Ge-shen with yue jian and fao with zhoa. I like when the main male lead first in love and later love more blossom from the main female lead. I hope these two males will join force to defeat the demon king.

This is only my opinion. Thanks!
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Angel Emfrbl
• 9/27/2017
The artwork is nice, a little lazy at times when it comes to the background characters. But... I'm used to One Piece which Oda tends to make everyone unique in.

I normally hate the romantic stuff as its a total bore for me... But the romantic elements aren't any of the "sappy love dovey" stuff many comics fall into the trap of showing. Too often writers make a girl and a boy fall in love who shouldn't have a reason to love each other, but the fact we have everything from heavy resistance to occurring because they need each other.

Saying that, as I said in the comments section for me the series is also enjoyable because I'm a VtM RPG player and I already have some idea of what the clans are like. AKI.7 is pretty good at taking elements of VtM and using them for his own purposes.
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